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Designing and building a home is a complex process. From design advice to information on planning your build, explore expert advice from the G.J. team.

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The building process

What A Knock Down And Rebuild Means For You

A common misconception about knocking down and rebuilding your home on the same land, is that you have to pack yourself…

The building process

Knock Down Rebuilds Vs Renovations

Knock Down Rebuilds Vs Renovations - The Pros and Cons for Each If you are one of many homeowners who…

Cost to Build, Planning your build

How do Dual Occupancies, Duplexes and Granny Flats Differ?

Dual occupancies, duplexes and granny flats are becoming increasingly popular as blocks of land become more expensive and less abundant in Australia. Read on to find out how they differ.

Design Advice, Designing your home

Top 10 Facade Design Features For Your Home

From cladding to landscaping, windows and doors; a contemporary facade design will have your home crowned king of the neighbourhood. Read more!
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