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Home Gym Design Ideas

Forget the after-work gym drives or time spent stuck in commuters’ traffic to make it to your exercise class, home gyms are here to stay. On top of this, with the rise of work-from-home occupations and hybrid roles, the demand for home gyms has never been higher. 

Offering convenience and cost-efficiency, a well-designed at-home gym is a calming space to take time for yourself and exercise from the comfort of your own house. Unlike boring garage gyms and rusted outdoor multi-purpose equipment that used to be tucked away at home, today, modern home gyms blend form and function to create a beautiful space you will actually want to work out in.  

With decades of industry experience, our G.J. Gardner Home design experts have compiled our top design tips for creating the perfect home gym: 

Create a connection to the outdoors

Light and breezy, creating connection to the outdoors through a sliding door from your home gym to the garden can provide a variety of functional benefits to the space. Keeping the sliding door open whilst working out can allow the natural breeze to flow in and regulate body temperature whilst allowing enough airflow to keep your gym smelling clean.  

Access to the garden from your home gym can also expand your exercise area outdoors in days when the weather permits. This can almost double your space for working out which is perfect for those who enjoy yoga, boxing or other activities that can easily be transitioned to an outside space and packed away afterwards.  

A door to the outdoors also allows you to connect with your local environment as well as the flora and fauna. Often, our occupations limit time outside and maximising this whilst working out can ensure you have dedicated time each day to enjoy the great outdoors.  

At G.J. Gardner Homes, our ‘South Bank 530’ home design has a home gym with outdoor access in the floorplan to create a functional space that meets the demands of modern life. 

Use mirrors to your advantage

Incorporating mirrors into your home gym can instantly brighten up a room and make even the smallest spaces feel spacious. Use floor-to-ceiling windows along one wall or style a larger framed mirror into the home gym to not only ensure you are using the correct form whilst working out but instantly create an open feeling in your space.  

Let the natural light in

Motivate yourself to exercise with a great home gym design and ensure there is plenty of natural light. Allowing sunlight and the natural light to flow in can make even the smallest spaces feel large and luxurious. From skylights to large windows and sliding doors, maximising the amount of natural light your home gym gets will make all the difference to the look and feel of the space.  

At G.J. Gardner Homes, our ‘Rochedale 412’ home design features a dedicated home gym space in its floorplan with dual windows along the external wall to allow natural light to stream into the space.  

Make room with smart storage

Whatever the size of your home gym, any space can function as a home gym effectively if it has the right storage solutions to keep everything clean and tidy. Use cabinetry to your advantage in your home gym by installing storage spaces that match the function of the space.  

If you prefer yoga and pilates, create a dedicated cabinet to store away rolled yoga mats and blocks for easy access. Or, if you prefer high-intensity workouts, keep your foam rollers, skipping ropes and boxing gloves on hooks and shelves inside closed cabinetry to keep your gym organised yet stylish and sleek.  

At G.J. Gardner Homes, our home design consultants can work with you to create a personalised storage solution for your home gym that is completely customised to how you plan to use the space.  

Simplicity is key

Often, home gyms can become a storage ground for miscellaneous items and an abundance of unused gym equipment. When planning your home gym keep in mind that sometimes simple is best. Ensure each piece of equipment is something you will use regularly to maximise functionality.  

Whilst stylistically, try to use calming colour palettes to create a calm, tranquil and relaxing space for working out where you can come to focus on yourself. Neutral colours or one statement colour can create a chic gym space with design flair that draws visual interest without overwhelming.  

Use a cohesive theme

Keep your home gym connected to the rest of the house by echoing design themes from throughout the residence to ensure it is integrated into your home’s design. This could include continuing the same skirting boards, doors, fixtures, fans, cabinetry and more to create a consistent look and feel.  

At G.J. Gardner Homes, our design stylists can consult with you on your home design to ensure your home gym complements the rest of your home. From the flooring to fixtures and final touches, our team is there each step of the way to create your dream gym and home.  

Create a beautiful home gym design

At G.J. Gardner Homes, our home designs take into consideration the growing need for a simple yet stylish space to work out in at home. Many of our existing designs have dedicated home gym spaces within the floorplan for the convenience of homeowners. Our customisable floorplans can also add a home gym space to any existing floorplan to create your dream home.   

Have more questions? Contact your local G.J. Gardner Homes franchise today to learn more about how we can help.