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Skylights Explained

Since the most sought-after homes today feel light, bright and open, our team is committed to design choices that will maximise natural light. From the orientation of your home to window positions, our designers are skilled at finding unique ways to achieve that unrivalled look of natural light year-round.

Skylights are one sure way to turn the dream home look into a reality. Subtle and seamless, the unique window position of skylights actually admits three times the amount of light as your regular wall window. With the addition of skylights, you can flood your home with natural light literally from the top down.

Ready to elevate the flow and feel of your home? We’ve created your guide to using skylights throughout G.J. Gardner Homes designs.

Skylights give a modern look to this black and moody kitchen.

What is a skylight?

A skylight is a window in your roof structure that’s designed to let light and ventilation flow. First pioneered in even the buildings of Ancient Rome, this window style provides a simple but effective way to boost light in your home. Skylights will tend installed at an angle to help maximise the amount of light that can enter throughout the day, with designs able to be both fixed and openable.

With unique styles and shapes available, skylights can be seamlessly incorporated into a wide range of home design styles. Throughout G.J. Gardner Homes’ designs, we situate this window type in locations where they’ll have the most impact, such as the kitchen or the bathroom. In these types of central living hubs, the whole family can enjoy the many benefits that come with skylights such as increased light and airflow.

By adding a skylight to your home’s bedrooms, you can elevate the luxe feeling in personal spaces as well. Our design team consider factors like orientation and flow of light to make sure we can find the perfect position for your skylight.

What are the benefits of a skylight?

Regardless of location, skylights offer plenty of benefits to your home. With a subtle look and effective function, skylights can be adopted in any home style or climate and make a memorable impact on the feel of your home.

Natural lighting is majorly boosted by the addition of a skylight. The ceiling position combined with the angled design captures much lighter than a typical wall window. This helps to reduce the need for artificial lighting during the daytime and fosters an inviting atmosphere indoors.

Energy efficiency is another benefit of skylights. By harnessing natural light, skylights can lower energy consumption and your reliance on artificial lighting.

Aesthetic and overall look of your home is boosted by skylights. This window style adds to the architectural interest of a space and lets you enjoy a view of the sky. By bringing the outside in, skylights create an open, airy look that expands your space.

Privacy can be enjoyed without compromising on your home’s natural light. In some locations, particularly urban areas, traditional windows might compromise your privacy where the ceiling location of a skylight won’t.

Skylights in bathrooms help increase the feel of natural light and ventilation.

Do skylights increase a home’s value?

Generally, skylights doesn’t only elevate the luxe look of your home but your home’s value as well. When effectively designed, skylights add architectural interest that tends to require premium construction and design.

However, the overall value added will always depend upon your home’s location and market. Just like the addition of a home pool.

Whilst it might be hard to determine the monetary bump of skylights, the lifestyle benefits of extra natural light can’t be overstated. Expect skylights to add other value to your home like mental health benefits and a luxurious look.

Skylight home designs

Our friendly design team is here to help you incorporate this favourite window style into your G.J. Gardner Homes project. Get in touch today.