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Designing and building a home is a complex process. From design advice to information on planning your build, explore expert advice from the G.J. team.

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Designing your home, Style & Inspiration

Home Design Trends: How has COVID impacted how we live?

COVID has influenced many facets of the way Australians live, work, and play. The housing market and home design trends…

Cost to Build, Planning your build

64 Essential Questions to Ask Any Builder

Before you sign a contract or pay a deposit, ask your builder the following questions. It could potentially save you…

Latest articles

Designing your home

Split Level Homes: Things You Need to Know

If you're looking to buy a sloping site, you've likely come across a range of home designs. But did you…

Designing your home

Rear Lane Designs: Why are they useful for narrow houses?

Rear garage house plans are home designs usually built on narrow lots that have the garage and driveway accessible at…

Design Advice, Designing your home

Dual Occupancy Home Designs

This type of dual dwelling is classified into two categories; attached and detached. Attached dual occupancies are two dwellings on…

Cost to Build, Planning your build

The Hidden Costs of Building a New Home

Building a new home is a great adventure. It should be a fun, enjoyable and stress-free process. After all, this…
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