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Designing and building a home is a complex process. From design advice to information on planning your build, explore expert advice from the G.J. team.

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The building process

Understanding a Floor Plan

What is a floor plan? Floor plans are in-scale drawings from a perspective of the relationship between the different rooms,…

Cost to Build, Planning your build

How Much Should it Cost to Customise a Standard Plan?

If you’ve been browsing home designs online or visiting display homes, you will probably find yourself liking a bit of…

Latest articles

Planning your build

Single Storey vs Double Storey Houses.

Should you build a single or double-storey home?   At the beginning of any new homebuyers’ journey, the decision on whether…

Planning your build

The Home Building Process

Your Building Journey The home building process can often feel a little daunting and stress-inducing, but at G.J. Gardner, we…

Planning your build

House and Land Packages – What You Need to Know.

How Do House and Land Packages Work? Firstly, what is a house and land package? House and land packages combine…

Planning your build

Construction Loans Australia: What are they, and how do they work?

Looking to build your dream home in Australia? If so, it is essential to understand the specific loans that can…
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