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Designing Your House Facade

Front and center, the façade of any home truly sets the scene for any home design. After all, it is the first thing someone will see as they pass the threshold of your home. So, it’s important to consider how to make the best first impression with impact and create a space you look forward to coming home to.  

The right house façade can add so much to your home’s overall look and feel. It can draw visual interest with layered textures, complement its surroundings with colour, and generate overall street appeal for your home. Importantly, house façades connect the exterior to the interior and create a cohesive colour story showcasing the homeowner’s unique style and personality.  

With G.J. Gardner Homes’ wide range of award-winning home designs, you can find the perfect house façade to suit your style, budget and personal preferences.  

What is a facade on a house? 

A house façade refers to the exterior or front of a home and encompasses the overall appearance of a residence when viewed from the street. It includes key architectural elements such as windows, doors, roofing, siding, cladding and decorative features. These parts all play into the home’s overall design and can add instant street appeal to any home.  

What is the purpose of a house facade?

Whilst a house façade seemingly only provides aesthetic appeal, there are many other purposes of a front façade outside of looks, from architectural identity to boosting property value and climate considerations.  

Architectural Expression: 

House facades can be used to reflect the architectural style of the home to create a cohesive design theme and story that continues throughout the rest of the home as you step inside. From coastal home facades to Hamptons home facades, modern home facades and contemporary home facades, the right home façade style can complement the architectural elements of the interior for continuity.  

Climate Considerations: 

Whether you live in a tropical paradise or a cooler climate, a home façade can provide a protective barrier against the elements such as wind, rain and sunlight. The right façade materials can also help to insulate the home, regulate temperature and reduce energy consumption. At G.J. Gardner Homes, we understand this and ensure our homes have sustainable designs to reduce environmental impact and excess energy consumption. 

Spatial Styling: 

As the house façade connects the exterior to the interior, it also plays a part in the layout of spaces. Elements such as windows or doors will contribute to the utility of certain rooms. This is why taking the time to thoughtfully plan out your house façade is key to creating a space suitable for functional living.  

House facade ideas & styles

Whilst creating a house façade is a purely personal process and can be completely customised to your tastes, there are some popular styles that can boost visual appeal: 

Modern House Facades: 

Sleek and sophisticated, modern house facades use sharp angles, clean lines and contemporary materials to create a polished look. Key features of a modern house façade include large windows for lots of natural light, flat or skillion roofing and a mix of urban materials such as glass, concrete and metal.  

At G.J. Gardner Homes, our Urban House Façade perfectly ties into this modern house facade style and design.  


Hamptons House Facades: 

Classic and often complete with a white picket fence, Hampton’s house facades exude timelessness. Key features of Hampton’s house facades include weatherboard cladding, gabled roofing, large windows, neutral hues, a covered veranda, and a grand entryway.  

Our Hampton Home Façade embodies these key elements and offers the classic Hampton’s style you know and love. 

Coastal House Facades:  

Relaxed and refined, coastal house facades are created for seaside living with an inviting atmosphere. Key features of a coastal house façade include light and airy colours, weather-resistant materials, metal roofing, large windows, outdoor living spaces and louvered windows. 

The G.J. Gardner Homes Resort Home Façade incorporates elements of a coastal home façade that brings the holiday feel to your home.  

How to choose the right house facade

Choosing the right home façade for you can be a difficult choice, however, the experienced team at G.J. Gardner Homes is here to bring the joy of building back to your design process. Before going into your design consultation, there are some essential elements you should consider: 


Identify the types of styles, aesthetics and architectural elements you prefer. An online quiz or browsing Pinterest can help to narrow down what you would like your home to look like and help to identify common design themes.  


Consider where your home will be positioned, as well as the neighbouring and surrounding homes. As your home will be sitting on a street next to other residences, analysing how the rest of the street looks and how your façade design can tie into this can allow your home to complement neighbouring houses.  


Look at the orientation of the home, natural light and energy efficiencies which can influence what is practical for your home façade design. From there, consider the functional elements of a home façade such as windows, doors and outdoor living.  


Where you live also plays a part in your home façade design. Whether you reside in the hinterland, by the beach or in a classic suburb, certain materials may be more suitable for the climate, weather and elements. This will ensure your home façade is durable and long-lasting.  

Bringing your vision to life

At G.J. Gardner Homes, our design team has extensive experience in constructing a range of home facades, each engineered to suit the home, climate, and our client’s desired style. Our experts can consult with you to create the perfect home façade that taps into your personal taste and creates a cohesive look and feel. Contact us online today to learn more.