Knockdown Rebuild

Making the Right Move: When to Knock Down & Rebuild Your Home

Knock down and rebuild has become a popular option amongst Australian homeowners in recent years. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 93,000 house demolitions were approved in the past 5 years, and this is on the rise.

With limited land supply in capital cities and surrounding suburbia, it has become increasingly difficult to locate the perfect block of land that offers the convenience and lifestyle that comes with proximity to the city. Knock down rebuilds offer homeowners the opportunity to create their dream home in a prime location that they truly love.

What is a knock down rebuild?

The term ‘knock down rebuild’ refers to the demolition of an existing residential structure and the construction of a new dwelling on the same site. This approach enables homeowners’ much greater flexibility in designing a new residence that meets their modern lifestyle and needs.

The decision to knock down and rebuild a home is often driven by the deteriorating condition of an existing structure, a want for a more modern home design, or a change in the homeowners living requirements.

Are you considering a knock down rebuild? This article delves into the top considerations to think through before breaking ground on your next knock down rebuild project:

Consideration #1: Assess your current dwelling

Before commencing demolition of an existing structure, it is important to evaluate the condition of the existing home to determine if a knock down rebuild is required.

Structural integrity:

Consider the structural integrity of the current home by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of foundations does the home have?
  • Are there any signs of soil movement or subsidence?
  • What is the maintenance history of the home and when was the last professional inspection conducted?
  • Are there any records of significant repairs or issues addressed in the past?
  • Has any pest infestations been impacting the structural components of the home?
  • Are there any visible cracks in the slab, walls, roof or flooring?
  • Are there sagging or uneven roofing or flooring?
  • Are there any signs of water penetration or moisture damage?
  • Do the windows and doors function without sticking?
  • Are there any gaps or drafts in the flooring, doors or windows?

Whilst new homes provide peace of mind as the residence complies the modern building codes and regulations, your current structure could still abide by these requirements. As well as a personal assessment of the home, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional home inspector. It is worth the extra investment to enlist a professional who provides a comprehensive review of the current state of the residence to aid in decision-making.

Functionality & floorplan:

Next, consider whether the current home floorplan and layout meet your lifestyle and requirements. Think about any future plans in this household, from multi-generational living to additional rooms for an expanding family.

Energy efficiency:

Older homes often do not feature the modern appliances and sustainable technologies found in contemporary dwellings. Whilst new homes have the benefit of sustainable home design with energy-efficient features to reduce long-term utility costs.

Analyse the current features of your home and the energy efficiency of the appliances, systems and floorplan. Weigh up the costs of implementing new and more sustainable systems into your current home and compare this with the long-term impact of creating a new energy-efficient home.

Consideration #2: Personalisation & customisation

At G.J. Gardner Homes, one of the most common reasons homeowners choose to work with us on a knock down rebuild project is the ability to customise a new home to better suit the needs and lifestyle of the household.

New homes provide the complete freedom to design a dream home from scratch that not only meets the needs of the household currently but will continue to serve the residents for years to come as their lifestyle changes. The construction of a new home with a knock down rebuild also enables homeowners to tailor spaces to suit more specific needs.

Whether you are after a dedicated work-from-home office or a separate space to serve as a playroom when the time comes to expand the family. At G.J. Gardner Homes, homeowners can work closely with their dedicated design specialist to personalise the entire floorplan of their knock down rebuild project and best meet the requirements of a residence.

Another attractive feature of a knock down rebuild is the inclusion of modern amenities and technologies. From new LED lighting to smart home features, you can incorporate the latest technology into your home build. Analyse the current features of your home and consider whether these will suit your needs and optimise your utility costs in the long-term.

Consideration #3: Regulations & zoning requirements

When considering a knock down rebuild it is important to understand there are local building codes and regulations around the demolition of a dwelling and the construction of a new home.

Before breaking ground on any demolition, you will be required to apply for approval of demolition as well as apply for approval of the construction of a new home. If you do have a heritage-listed home, there will be additional restrictions on demolition and renovation work you will need to abide by.

It is important to work with professional builders who can outline the regulations required for your knock down rebuild project. At G.J. Gardner Homes, our home design experts can consult with you on the regulations in your specific suburb and state and will assist in applying for any required applications.

Consideration #4: Lifestyle factors

Emotional attachment: 

As home builders, we understand the emotional attachment you may have with your existing home. It is important to weigh up the sentimental value the home has with the practical considerations of your situation. Ask yourself the following few questions to assist with analysing your options: 

  • Does the existing home meet the current needs of my household? 
  • Will the existing home serve the lifestyle and needs of my future household? 

Construction commencement: 

If you do decide to go through with a knock down rebuild project, your household will need to relocate during this time. Consider where your family will reside throughout the construction period and the impact on your lifestyle this may have. Many homeowners choose to rent another property during this transition period or move in with family and friends for a budget-friendly solution.  

Quality of life: 

New homes can provide a fresh start for your household. On top of this, new homes can instantly enhance your quality of life as they best meet the needs and demands of your everyday. Whether you now have a workspace away from the family that can boost productivity or children who now don’t have to share a room and get a sound night’s sleep, new homes can have a positive impact on your lifestyle. Consider the impact a new home can have on your lifestyle in comparison to the existing residence.  

Consideration #4: Financial planning & budgeting

Any renovation or knockdown rebuild will come with a cost. It is important to consult with financial advisers to establish a realistic budget for the project and explore financing options for new construction. An advisor can also assist with available applications for government incentives or grants for knock-down rebuild projects.

On top of this, consider the cost of renovations to the existing home compared to the construction costs of building a new residence. Typically, renovations can experience hidden costs that arise throughout the process due to issues uncovered once work commences, so this must be factored into the forecasting. A design consultant through a home builder, such as G.J. Gardner Homes, can help you obtain an accurate construction cost of a new home estimate to assist with decision-making.

Is a knock down rebuild right for you?

Ultimately, the decision to embark on a knock down rebuild project is purely personal and depends on budgets, circumstances, goals and preferences. It is crucial for homeowners to carefully weigh up these factors before commencing such a significant project. Our ‘Knock Down Rebuild’ guide is a great starting point to understand the process involved with a knock down rebuild.

Want to get started on your knock down rebuild journey? G.J. Gardner Homes has decades of experience in knock down rebuilds and can assist you with determining if this project is right for you. Contact our team online today to enquire or learn more.