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Townhouse Designs 

In the Australian housing market, townhouses offer a unique path to home ownership. With two dwellings under one roof, this convenient and versatile home style has become increasingly popular with young families and retirees.

When it comes to our townhouse designs, we’ve condescended all the luxuries of a home into a shared footprint, with amenities like guest rooms, communal areas and alfresco spaces.  Discover G.J. Gardner Homes’ guide to townhouses and our approach to achieving this maximised new home build. Whether an investment property or your future home, townhouses offer homebuilders endless opportunities.  

What is a townhouse? 

In the Australian context, a townhouse accommodates two separate and independent homes within a single structure. It’s two dwellings, separated by a shared wall, but with one home footprint.  Whilst they might appear just like classic houses, they’re each owned on a strata title.

The two-in-one design makes townhouses an increasingly popular option for urban locations, with the NAHB reporting a 38% increase in builds in just a single year. Through effective use of space, these properties are a great option for investors and home builders alike. 

For investors looking to yield high returns on their property, townhouses offer the opportunity to achieve the multi-dwelling feature of an apartment, whilst maintaining the classic look of a home.   This lets you build in suburban areas without disrupting the street appearance and offers that sought-after home experience for renters. 

For those looking to build their future home, a townhouse can be a perfect option if you intend to rent or AirBNB the other unit out. Beyond investment purposes, the design style of townhouses can be popular for multi-generational living. Your family can enjoy the convenience of living under one roof but the separation of technically two properties.  

Building a townhouse 

When it comes to building townhouses, the G.J. Gardner Homes’ approach focuses on the site size, orientation and local council. We start with the site and find compatible G.J. Gardner Home designs to work within these parameters. Our team works with you to gain an understanding of your home wish list so we can fuse your home goals with reality.  

Townhouses don’t offer the same design freedom as typical homes and need to abide by specific local regulations. With G.J. Gardner Homes’ local franchises across the country, our offices have the relevant knowledge for your council restrictions on townhouses. Dual occupancy homes tend to be managed by the council-controlled section of housing and every council will have their own ruling.  

Local teams strive to make a seamless building approval process, offering firsthand experience building in your specific location. When working with your local G.J. Gardner Homes’ office, you know off the back what is achievable on your site of land so you can avoid unnecessary planning without the right information.  

Townhouse Plans 

Yarraville 206

Yarraville 206 

This dual occupancy home has been designed to offer identical layouts over two storeys. Organised by a central wall, the Yarraville offers three-bedroom units that feature a considered design that’s perfect for small families. With a spacious living hub, the Yarraville home offers the convenience of townhouse living with the luxury of multiple bedrooms and a private lounge as well.   

Chadstone 460

Chadstone 460 

This bedroom Chadstone townhouse has been designed for families, couples, and individuals alike. The home features a generous open plan on the ground floor, whilst the second storey boasts a considered family zone, complete with adaptable flex spaces. Separated by a central wall, the Chadstone townhouses offer a great investment option targeting families in urban hotspots.  

Essendon 400

Essendon 400 

The Essendon offers two-storey units, each with matching layouts that have been separated by a central dividing wall. With feature-packed design, discover three bedrooms with walk-in robes and plentiful amenities. Its entertainer’s kitchen, open living spaces, and optional alfresco area make it a versatile and appealing choice for various lifestyles. 

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