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The Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

G.J. Gardner Homes is always looking for opportunities to make more environmentally friendly choices. Windows are an essential part of our home shell that can subtly have sustainability built into them. 

Double-glazed windows have long been a great solution to excessive energy bills. By providing insulation, double-glazed windows help regulate your home’s temperature to make heating and cooling easier. 

 G.J. Gardner Homes opts for double-glazed windows in our home designs so we can guarantee our clients a high-performing home. We consider quality materials and processes like this to be an investment in you and your home’s future.

So, how does this simple window technique have such a major impact on how a home feels?

What are double-glazed windows?

Double-glazed windows layer two planes of glass to make a single window but leave a small gap between each. This small gap is called the spacer and is generally only around 12 mm in width. By separating the two planes of glass, the spacer ends up reducing the transfer of heat or cold from the outside as well as noise. 

Just like classic home insulation, a double-glazed window captures air between its layers. To protect the quality of the window, you’ll likely find that the frame of the spacer is lined with some type of moisture-absorbing desiccant. This will help ensure your windows can efficiently insulate and not deteriorate.

By insulating the home, double-glazed windows can help maintain your home’s temperature from winter to summer. It’s a year-round solution that makes your home better prepared for the climate tick whilst reducing your reliance on heating and cooling units.

What are the benefits of double-glazed windows

Increased insulation

Did you know that double-glazed windows can reduce heat loss and gain by almost 30%? This extra sheet of glass and 12mm in width, majorly impacts how your home feels and performs. By using double-glazed windows, you minimise the transfer of heat or cold from the outside or the inside to make managing your home’s temperature so much easier.

Lower energy bills

With this improved insulation, double-glazed windows make your heating and cooling unit not have to work as hard, or even at all, to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Double-glazed windows can help you save up to 20% on your energy bills every year. 

Since you’re not relying so much on aircon to fight the climate and heat or cool your home, those units are likely to last longer and require less maintenance as they’re not being regularly overpowered.

More comfortable living

A home that can regulate its temperature on its own makes for much more comfortable and convenient living. Double-glazed windows help to minimise the impact of the strong Australian climate and make even the coldest winters and hottest summers more bearable. 

Through this window design, you can enjoy the addition of plenty of windows and the natural light they bring without impacting your home’s temperature too much. They also let you enjoy times of the year with your aircon unit off and just take in natural temperatures.

Noise control

Beyond temperatures, the insulation of double-glazed windows also serves to disrupt the transfer of noise. Just like with hot or cold, the noise gets captured in the spacer. 

In urban areas, this can make your home so much more peaceful by reducing your exposure to outside noise. If your home design involves a central courtyard or a connected floor plan, these windows can help manage the noise within your own home as well.

Build sustainability into your home

Double-glazed windows have become a favourite in Australian buildings for a reason. Due to their powerful temperature and noise control, double-glazed windows are a modern home essential. 

Learn more about how G.J. Gardner Homes incorporates sustainability into every part of your home’s build today.