Planning your Home

Rumpus Room Ideas 

G.J. Gardner Homes is committed to creating high-performing homes for the whole family. Through efficient use of space, we configure our floorplans to include enough room for private moments, entertaining and your daily routine.  Whatever that may be.

Many of our family homes tend to include flex spaces and activity zones like rumpus rooms so we can future proof your home. Designed to be conveniently adapted to your needs, rumpus rooms are essential to creating harmonious homes that maximise everyone’s comfort.  

When it comes to our approach to activity zones and rumpus rooms, we’re always about balancing adaptability with aesthetics. Learn more about how we incorporate these functional spaces into your home with ease.  

What is a rumpus room? 

A rumpus room, sometimes known by our American friends as a “rec room”, is a multi-use space. Traditionally situated underneath a home, the rumpus rooms of today do it all. From entertainment rooms to play areas or offices, our rumpus rooms are designed to evolve as your family does.  

The purpose of these flex spaces is to serve whatever you need whilst seamlessly incorporating into your home. We tend to use activity zones in transitionary and open areas to effectively make use of each and every space your home offers.  

Rumpus room design ideas 

Whilst the traditional rumpus room may have always been in the basement of your home, the term tends to be a catch all for multiuse spaces. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your rumpus room.  

Playroom Area 

Long Bay 243

For young families, a playroom area is a luxury that lets you keep your family communal spaces separated. Through adequate storage and floor space, you can create a hub for your children to play, learn and explore. By designating a playroom, you can avoid the overspill of toys and chaos in other areas of the house.  

Home Office 

Mandalay 305

Since WFH is the new normal, designating a space in your home for an office is a decision that’s bound to boost the performance and productivity of your home. Through simple and subtle design choices, you can incorporate desk space into a rumpus room so it can be used for workdays and homework alike.  

Entertainment Room 

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Experience all the fun of the movies from home with an entertainment room. Whether sports events or binge watching, an entertainment room turns your rumpus room space into a hotspot the whole family can enjoy. The addition of soundproofing and seating makes for a comfortable spot to unwind together or alone.  

Guest Room 

Benowa 262

With the addition of a sofa couch and a few design tweaks, your rumpus room can serve as a guest room when needed. This ensures there are no areas of your home that go unused most of the time, but guarantees you have guests stay over whenever you need.  

When it comes to rumpus rooms, the emphasis on adaptable and subtle design lets these spaces be adapted for whatever you need. This means your rumpus room can serve multiple purposes with ease, so every part of your home gets used.  

What are the benefits of a rumpus room? 

The major benefit of a rumpus room is the unrivalled flexibility and freedom to use this space however you may need. When it comes to our G.J. Gardner Homes’ floorplans designed for families, we try and incorporate either kids’ zones, extra lounges and offices into our homes. Our homes are designed not only just be beautiful but be practically designed for your everyday life.