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Building on a Sloping Block

Most home buyers can attest that finding the right plot of land to meet your ideal location, size, and price is a difficult process. So what do you do if your perfect plot ends up being on a slope?

At G.J. Gardner Homes, our team of expert designers and builders are well-versed in any worksite. With our fully customisable home design, we can work together to easily adapt your home to any location.

When building on a sloping block, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your home is ready to function at its best. We want you to reap all the exciting benefits that come with a sloping block home and are here to help you navigate this more unique building approach.

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Types of Sloping Blocks

Sloping blocks come in many shapes and sizes, and it’s the direction of the slope that will determine how we go about building.

There are four types of sloping blocks:

  • Sloping up: the low point being at the road or front entry
  • Sloping down: the high point being at the road or front entry
  • Cross fall: the slope across the block
  • Cross fall and sloping: a combination of the above

Beyond these four categories, other factors also impact slope block building.

What impacts building on sloping blocks?

  • The degree of the slope. In most instances, blocks with an incline over 18 degrees come with their own unique set of challenges.
  • The type of land. This factor will likely differ from state to state, but the soil type and terrain will affect construction. The initial sloping analysis will help our builders understand ground conditions as rock, sand, and foliage need different building approaches.
  • The access to the block. These more one-of-a-kind blocks always come with their one-of-a-kind challenges. To build on sloping blocks, our builders need to establish access to the site and work around the unique conditions. This access will affect the pace and processes of building.

Is building on a sloping block more expensive?

A sloping block home build requires more careful planning and specific processes which will cost homebuilders more. The cost and construction depend on the angle of the slope. Our team of expert designers works with the sloping angle to minimise any unnecessary earthwork. This attention to detail will help save a good chunk of your home budget and lets our builders work with the land rather than against it.

The general rule when it comes to slope blocks is that the steeper the angle, the steeper the price will be. Unfortunately, the steeper the angle, whether up, down or sideways, the more times our builders will need to step up the home to maintain levelling. And every step in a home will add more cost.

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The Benefits of a Sloping Block

Although sloping blocks will increase costs, they will increase the benefits of your home – making them such a sought-after design on the market.

The benefits of a sloping block include:

  • Views are the main driving factor behind sloping blocks, as the design style and location lets you fully appreciate your local views. When paired with large windows and effective design, a sloping home often only feels more luxe and large.
  • Natural light can be better enjoyed on a sloping block through home orientation. Not only does this offer you all the joys of a light-flooded home, but it also lets you enjoy passive heating and cooling for a more sustainable home.
  • Design opportunities are ample when it comes to homes on sloping blocks. Due to the incline, our designers have more freedom to use space in more bold and exciting ways.

The G.J. Way

As homebuilders committed to sustainability, our approach to building on a sloping block is focused on always working with the land to achieve your dream home.

Our team of designers look at the solar orientation and the angle and direction of the land’s fall in the initial planning stages to ensure your home is optimised for this unique block.

With over 300 home designs to choose from, we work alongside you to find the right home configuration, number of levels and size for your land and lifestyle.

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Whether you’re just starting your home-building journey or have already found your ideal block, G.J. Gardner Homes is here to make your dream home a reality. With decades of experience and offices across the country, our designers are well-equipped to take on any block styles and conditions.