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Why is viewing a display home such a great opportunity?

Date Thursday, 5 May 2016 11:47 AM

How will you inspect your new home building?

Viewing a property before you purchase it is an incredibly important part of the buying process. But how will you do this if you're building your own home? What about if you've chosen a G.J. Gardner Homes design?

Display homes are your answer - and they're a fantastic way to see what a brand new home will actually look like. When you view a pre-existing home, often a lot of the character has been created by the previous owners, and it can be difficult to see how you and your family will fit in. With a brand new property, you are totally in control of building the character and feel of the home from scratch (without any scratches on the walls).

With a brand new property, you are totally in control of building the character and feel of the home from scratch

Sound like something you could get used to? Read on to find out more about what a G.J. Gardner Homes display home can do for your peace of mind in the buying stage.

The first step in the process

According to research from St George Bank, more than half of Australians want to see a simplified way of comparing properties for sale. The survey also showed that 43.8 per cent of buyers find it difficult to spot which properties provide the best value, while 44.1 per cent didn't know which suburb would be the best for them.

Inspecting a property requires more than just being able to walk around in a home and see how you would be able to live there - you should also be able to get a real feel for the memories you could make and the growing your family could do in it. With a display home, that's completely possible because we've built them to show prospective buyers just how beautiful their new home will be.

If you decide to design your own home, and build with G.J. Gardner Homes, you'll also have the added benefit of not needing to compete with other buyers. A massive 56.8 per cent of buyers have missed out on buying the home they wanted due to the price getting too high, or it becoming more competitive than they anticipated at auction.

Give yourself the best chance of success

In order to get yourself into the home of your dreams, don't leave anything to chance. Take a look around the many display homes around you, and know exactly what you can expect when your brand new home building is complete.

Contact G.J. Gardner Homes and see what the team has in store for you.

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