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Make exercise a part of your lifestyle

Date Wednesday, 6 April 2016 12:13 PM

Do you want to make healthier choices in your lifestyle?

Living a healthy lifestyle includes keeping cardiovascular fitness, clean eating and muscle and joint mobility at optimum levels.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of success at keeping up clean choices, then designing your own home will allow you to make changes that can encourage your continued success. An appealing kitchen space, a large and open living area and great potential for home theatre installation are all ways that you can help yourself to live a healthy life.

Making clean eating choices

Your own home design should help you to make clean eating easier, not hinder you. That means incorporating large bench spaces for preparing healthy meals in your kitchen and also including surfaces that are easy to clean - minimising your washing up time so you can focus on the next steps you're going to take.

While you shouldn't forget the rest of your life when you start living clean and green, cutting down on the time you spend doing menial tasks can keep the motivation up to keep pushing forward. Clean Eating Magazine Australia suggests curried turkey sliders with cucumber yoghurt as a great way to get some protein and greens into your diet, while an apple pie smoothie is a great way to include essential fatty acids.

Home exercise gets you into shape

Gym memberships can be great for some - they offer access to places filled with other motivated people who are often looking for betterment in their own physical and mental health. It can be very beneficial to be surrounded by people such as this, but sometimes leaving the house can be a struggle with kids around and jobs to do.

Regular physical activity can be beneficial for strength, flexibility and stamina, while improving fitness and heart health.

That's where having open living spaces can come in handy. Putting on a motivational workout DVD can be a great way for parents and kids to spend some time doing something that doesn't involve headphones and mobile games, and Physical Activity Australia suggests that mothers can keep their daughters motivated through their adolescence, where many of the young girls stop exercising. Regular physical activity can be beneficial for strength, flexibility and stamina, while improving fitness and heart health.

Installing some speakers and a music system could also be a great way to keep cognition levels at a high point while exercising, as research from the Dementia Research Foundation suggests.

Living healthy can be much easier than many people might think. Getting started in your own G.J. Gardner Homes property will help you to succeed in the long run.

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