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Kitchen organisation hacks - make the most of your space

Date Tuesday, 17 May 2016 1:37 PM

How will you clear up your clutter?

The kitchen is a room in the house that we spend a significant amount of time in everyday. Australians love their food and drink, so having the jazziest kitchen around is something we all strive for.

So, making sure you have an organised kitchen is important for a number of reasons. There's so much traffic around the space that making it ordered and packed correctly will make journeying to the kitchen a more efficient process. It's also better for aesthetic pleasure, as well as leading a stress-free life. Want to use the blender, but don't know exactly where you left it? That's going to stress you out. But have a proper spot for it to live, and you'll never have to go searching!

Why is kitchen design so necessary?

For one thing, the kitchen is the home of so many appliances and various 'things' - plates and bowls, cutlery, pots and pans - if it's to do with food, preparing or eating, it'll be in the kitchen. In fact, IBISWorld reports that household appliance wholesaling in Australia is worth $9 billion in annual revenue! Clearly, as a country, we have a fair few pieces of equipment lying around our homes, and finding a spot for them to go will help to keep your space de-cluttered.

Lifehacker Australia suggests the most important part of organising your kitchen is just that - having a place for everything to go. Pegboards are fantastic for hanging pots and pans, and for a quirky appearance (as well as being very useful), drawing the outline on the wall of what lives where will help you to remember exactly where to hang everything up.

Having a sound kitchen design, as you'll find when you design your own home with G.J. Gardner Homes, is going to make your life so much more efficient!

What can be done about the pantry?

Finding a spot for your equipment to go will help to keep your space de-cluttered.

Behind closed doors, the pantry can often be neglected and end up holding more clutter than anywhere else in the entire home. Having this small space organised properly is going to make it a lot easier to open the doors and know where to reach for that elusive cocoa that you're using to be experimental in your cooking.

Houzz states using clear and labelled storage containers, including glass jars, will help you to know where all of your ingredients are, but also make it easier to refill stocks. You won't have to search around for the sugar and mistake it for salt any longer!

Get in touch with G.J. Gardner Homes, our teams have got plenty of advice about kitchen organisation in our many home designs.

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