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[Infographic] What a knock down and rebuild means for you

Date Monday, 15 August 2016 12:37 PM

Knocking down and rebuilding on your own land is a great option.

When you knock down and rebuild your home with G.J. Gardner Homes, you don't have to move out. You don't even have to change neighbourhoods. You're currently living on a great piece of land, and you know the surrounding area well, so why would you want to leave?

You don't have to, because with G.J. Gardner Homes, you have the option to demolish your existing place, and build a brand-new one instead.

What's involved in the knock down and rebuild process?

Knocking down your existing home and building new has a unique set of challenges. It's not the same as selling and buying an existing home by any means, and professional assistance is invaluable.

G.J. Gardner Homes has dealt with it all before, so any challenges that arise through the process will be solved in no time. Building a new home doesn't have to be a stressful process - in fact, it should be fun!

When you've made the decision to knock down and rebuild, a G.J. Gardner Homes representative will go through an initial site assessment and make sure the soil, structure and foundations of the land are all suitable for what you want. When that has been completed, you can sit down with a consultant and discuss all of your requirements for the home. This is your build, so it's important that you get what you want out of it.

Once your initial plan has been decided on, the local council goes over it and decides what needs to be changed or checked further. From this point, site preparations can start, and when they're done, the final plan is sent to the council again for approval.

Once council approves (which might include more changes to the plan), all of the costs will be completed, so you'll know exactly what the end price will be. No hidden surprises will crop up past this point!

On the big day, you can move straight into your new home.

Construction of your new home will kick off, and you'll receive regular updates about what stage is happening when. You'll know exactly when you can expect to move in, because you'll be notified of any hold-ups.

On the big day, you can move straight into your new home, which will be totally ready to be lived in. Modern appliances, new walls and a roof, and new spaces to create memories in.

That's what it's all about when you knock down and rebuild with G.J. Gardner Homes, so get in touch today to start your own journey.

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