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4 things every good home gym needs

Date Wednesday, 9 September 2015 5:32 PM

What do you need to create a good home gym?

One of the best parts of building a new home is customising it to suit your lifestyle and hobbies. Painters, for example, might want to consider incorporating a studio space into their floor plans, and car enthusiasts could add a double garage in which to tinker with their vehicles.

Similarly, anyone interested in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, may be looking at ways to build a home gym. Exercise is on the rise in Australia, with 77.7 per cent of the population engaging in some level of physical activity, according to figures collated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Leave crowded fitness centres and outdated equipment behind by designing your very own home gym.Leave crowded fitness centres and outdated equipment behind by designing your very own home gym.

Looking forward to staying in shape without leaving the comfort of your home? Grab a protein shake and check out these four things that every home gym needs:

1. Rubber mats

Whether you're lifting weights or stretching yourself out on the yoga mat, one thing is certain: You're going to be moving around a lot. Keep your new floors in prime condition by laying down a protective mat. Not only will this preserve the room, the soft surface will also be less jarring on your joints. 

2. Equipment

Bodyweight workouts are great, but to take your home gym to the next level you'll want to shop around for some equipment. The type of gear you buy will largely depend on your fitness goals as well as the physical limitations of the space. If you've got a compact home gym, a yoga mat and a couple of adjustable dumbbells are a great starting point. Alternatively, if you're lucky enough to have a large, sprawling space in your new home, consider going all out and picking up a treadmill, power rack, bench, barbell and weights.

Make your home gym more appealing by installing a TV and sound system.

3. Entertainment 

Sticking to a regular exercise regime is tough work, but it's easier if you make your workout space more appealing. Installing a TV in front of a treadmill, for example, is a great way to distract yourself as you pound out the miles, while a booming sound system will get you pumped up and ready to set a new personal best.

4. Mirrors

Reflective surfaces not only will make a cosy home gym look larger, they're also essential for monitoring your technique and posture while exercising. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors will enable you to keep one eye on your form during workouts to avoid injury.

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