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3 tips for relocation without hiring a moving company

Date Monday, 22 June 2015 4:03 PM

Follow these three tips to make your moving day a hassle-free experience.

An age-old debate rages when it comes to moving house. 

The question, of course, is whether you should hire professional movers or channel the good old Australian DIY spirit and do the job yourself. Moving on your own is an attractive option if you're trying to stick to a budget and it also gives you greater flexibility. However, relocating all your possessions is a stressful task and going into it unprepared is a recipe for disaster. Follow these three tips to make moving into your new home a stress-free experience.

1. Buy good tools

Ask any tradie and he or she will tell you that having the right tools is imperative to getting the job done. For moving house, you'll require an arsenal of packing materials. This might include rolls of tape, packing paper, bubble wrap and an array of different sized boxes. While cardboard cartons that are free of holes and dents suffice for most general goods, for more delicate items you might want to consider investing in specialised moving boxes. Double-walled or cushioned by soft linings, these boxes are excellent for safely transporting your crockery and other fragile goods.

When moving house, protect fragile possessions with packing paper and double-walled boxes.When moving house, protect fragile possessions with packing paper and double-walled boxes.

2. Knock out boxing early

You might think that you perform well under last minute stress, but we guarantee that this doesn't apply to moving house. A month before you're due to move, begin packing up your home, starting with the items you use least. Set yourself a timeframe and follow it closely. You'll be such an experienced boxer by the end of it all that Mike Tyson won't want to step in a ring with you.

Pack your home into boxes, starting with your least-used possessions.Pack your home into boxes, starting with your least-used possessions.

3. Have access to the right vehicle

If you're moving out of anything bigger than a studio apartment, there's a good chance you're going to have to hire a van or truck. Book your moving vehicle well in advance and, equally important, make sure you know how to drive it. To cut down on costs, be sure to hire the right size vehicle. As a general rule of thumb, a 4.5-metre truck will be large enough to move a three-bedroom house, a 6-metre truck will move a four-to-five-bedroom home, while an 8-metre truck should be able to accommodate a house with six, seven or eight bedrooms.

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