Planning your Home

Functionality and Style in a Family Home

Social media is awash with meticulously curated posts. The Instagram era means you can create whatever version of yourself, your house, your pets (or even your family) you want the world to see.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that — we’ve all been guilty of finding a favourable light or friendly angle with a selfie, but when the scrolling stops, reality awaits.

And when you’ve got a family, home reality can be very, very #messy.

So is it possible to strike the right balance between keeping things functional while maintaining a ‘grammable style?

Finding a happy medium

The reality of how our homes look on a ‘normal’ day can often paint a different picture to what we display to visitors. Our houses don’t always look as pristine as we make them out to be!

Even if you have all the skills to make your house look like it’s been lifted from an interior design magazine, you may not find it to be the most comfortable living environment. We recommend working to find the perfect middle ground between style and comfort.

Comfort and style can co-exist

We all want to feel comfortable in our own homes. It’s our sanctuary. It’s where we relax, recharge and escape from the outside world.

While you may be someone who places a great deal of value on styling your home to look the way you love, you do not have to sacrifice comfort in order to achieve it!

Achieve both by taking into consideration all of the people who will be using your spaces and leaving room for them. This can include the occupants of the house but also guests, pets and visitors. Also, consider how you will be using all of your spaces!

By considering your house in this way, you can help inform the colours, styles and textures that will make up different parts of your home.

Dogs are people too

That sentiment even extends to pets.

Begin forging good habits within your pets! Instead of getting frustrated when they jump up onto your couch, buy some inexpensive covers or encourage them to use their own bed.

If you are finding it hard to control your pup’s urge to laze alongside you on your lounge, consider cleaning your couch covers somewhat regularly. Even white covers can often be washed very easily in a washing machine.

Enjoy your home (and the stuff in it)

It’s okay to have nice things that only see the light of day on special occasions. But on the flipside, don’t be afraid to enjoy what makes you happy.

You may just find yourself hiding away the ‘better’ stuff forever, and never enjoying your own time with them! You may as well consider buying things for your home that are both long-lasting and help to bring joy to you.

It’s sound advice when it comes to settling on a style for your home. Make choices that suit your life, and if it makes you happy, let your design choices follow.