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Pantry Ideas

G.J. Gardner Homes’ kitchen designs offer plenty of pantry ideas that can be easily customised to your design preferences. We believe every detail of the kitchen is an opportunity to boost your home’s livability. Something as simple as a pantry decides not just how our kitchen looks but how it feels and functions.  

Explore our top 6 favourite pantry ideas for some food for thought. 

6 pantry ideas for 2023 kitchens

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Walk-In pantry

The walk-in pantry design is the ideal solution for home builders who thrive from an out of sight, out of mind approach. By converting the humble pantry into its own cupboard, the walk-in style provides ample dedicated storage space. 

With your food confined to its own space, you can keep it away from light, temperatures and moisture. Enjoy all the space you need for kitchen storage, and enjoy the comfort of keeping your foods organised in an easy and accessible way.

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Butler’s pantry

An import from American homes, the butler’s pantry is essential for luxury kitchen design. This pantry idea functions like an extension of your kitchen, providing an additional space that’s private from the kitchen’s main area. 

You can conveniently hide away appliances and utilities to keep your kitchen looking clean and uncluttered. Given the popularity of open plan living areas, the butler’s pantry has only grown in popularity. With kitchens performing as the centerpiece of your home, this style lets you hide all sins and store a kitchen’s functional features in its own dedicated space.

Corner pantry

When it comes to kitchen designs, effective and clever design choices leave no space left unused. Corner pantries are the ultimate design hack, helping you to maximise space and navigate an awkward room layout. 

A corner pantry offers you a taste of walk-in pantries conveniences without the space and commitment. With intuitive shelving and storage styles, a corner pantry avoids excess cabinetry and lets you keep your food storage in one spot. 

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Small pantry

Cabinetry hacks let your kitchen keep its utility without taking up too much space. Small pantry ideas rely on innovative design choices, such as draws, pull out systems and storage solutions that hide your pantry within the general kitchen layout. 

By seamlessly building your pantry into the main cabinetry, your kitchen can stay balanced and sleek. Ideal for small homes or small kitchens, this style relies on efficient use of space so your kitchen can function and look its best.

Storage ideas: getting the most out of your pantry

Once you’ve landed on the right pantry idea for your home, the design process doesn’t stop there. Through our decades of home building, we’re well-versed in creating the perfect kitchen, and how you decide to organise your kitchen cabinetry has the power to make or break your design. 

Our G.J. Gardner Homes designers have developed the effective shelving, drawers and rack configurations to enhance your pantry.  

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