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Contemporary Home Designs 

Contemporary home designs focus on both form and function to create the ultimate living experience. Often recognised by features like sleek lines, open spaces and modern elegance, contemporary homes are committed to the simplicity of minimalism. In its essence, contemporary designs strive to create spaces that are both visually stunning and highly functional.  

The chic and modern look of contemporary design has naturally made it one of the leading designs for Australians who are opting for the benefits of a decluttered and simplified design. Through luxe-looking and minimalist details, contemporary design imbues homes with the sense of calm and sophistication we all crave. 

We embrace the approach of contemporary design with most of our homes, from the floorplan and features to the façade. Made with contemporary living in mind, our home designs aim to be high-performing and cutting edge so they’re ready for the future.    

What are contemporary home design

Contemporary home designs are all about embracing the present while envisioning the future. Whether you’re captivated by the simplicity of minimalist design or the boldness of industrial chic, contemporary homes offer a fresh and inspiring canvas for your personal style to come to life.  

The approach of contemporary design is forward-thinking, adaptable and constantly evolving. It embraces modern technologies, sustainable practices and the creative exploration of new materials and techniques. With its timeless appeal and versatility, contemporary design offers a fresh and inspiring approach to creating spaces that are both visually stunning and highly functional. 

How do you create contemporary home designs

Contemporary homes are defined by a few core features that can be universally applied to any home or any lifestyle. Designed to be low maintenance and high functioning, contemporary design is the attainable luxury of home design.  

Contemporary home design features: 

  • Clean lines: discover clean, straight lines and smooth surfaces without any excessive ornamentation or detailing like Hamptons’ shake-style or feature wallpaper. The effect is a visually pleasing and uncluttered aesthetic. 
  • Open spaces: open floor plans and the seamless flow of space define most contemporary design looks. Communal rooms, like the kitchen, living and dining are all interconnected for a sense of spaciousness and easy movement. This openness promotes a modern and light-filled atmosphere that’s attuned to the lifestyle of the modern family.  
  • Integration indoor and outdoor: for the sake of both look and feel, contemporary design minimises the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. With incorporates large windows, glass walls and sliding doors, this design connects interior spaces with the outdoors.  
  • Use of modern materials: contemporary home design uses industrial materials and techniques to create a high functioning and luxe look.  High functioning materials like glass, steel, concrete and composites offer a unique way to add texture and visual interest whilst maintaining the overall look of minimalism.  
  • Neutral colours: through a neutral colour palette, contemporary design create a timeless canvas for your home.  Shades of white, grey, beige and earth tones are a versatile foundation, which can be accessorised with vibrant accents over time.  

Our Contemporary Home Designs for Australia 

The Aspen 330 home facade featuring an example of wide block contemporary home designs.
Aspen 330

Aspen 330 

Our Aspen 330 is a leader in contemporary home designs, featuring a wide frontage and generously sized floorplan. Through the addition of details like clerestory windows and a skillion roof, the Aspen offers a medley of contemporary design features at their finest. With bedrooms and the central living zone all connected to the outdoors, the Aspen allows for the ultimate harmonious living.  

The Parkview 286 home facade featuring an example of single-storey contemporary home designs.
Parkview 286

Parkview 286 

Our Parkview home offers a resort-like feel at home, with an abundance of luxe details across two levels. Designed with families in mind, the Parkview home has divided communal spaces and personal bedrooms by floors for a considered floorplan design. Anchored by a central open plan living area, the Parkview has been finished with black details, natural timbers and glass wall dividers a sleek and clean look.  

The Blue Water 530 home facade featuring an example of two-storey contemporary home designs.
Blue Water 530

Blue Water 530 

The Blue Water home is defined by its stunningly high ceilings that create an unrivalled feeling of space and light throughout the home. With a neutral colour palette and contemporary finishes like concrete, timber and glass, the Blue Water has the ultimate feeling of openness, enhanced by the addition of voids in the high ceiling architecture.  

Modern Vs Contemporary 

Whilst navigating the wide world of home design, it can be hard to differentiate modern home design and contemporary home designs. Modern design refers to a specific historical period and has a defined set of principles, while contemporary design refers to the current design trends and styles. Modern design has a more minimalist and industrial aesthetic, while contemporary homes tend to be more flexible, incorporating a mix of styles and materials. 

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