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The Best Home Plans for Corner Blocks

As many homebuilders will tell you, location is everything when it comes to building. The right spot will decide your future home’s view, community and landscape. Even the very spot on the block you choose to build will drastically impact how your future-home functions and feels.

This dynamic has made corner blocks one of the most highly sought-after home locations. In fact, corner blocks, on average, tend to cost 2.5% more than their neighbours, as these double facade homes boast plenty of benefits. 

When planning corner blocks, our design team takes a different approach to floor plans, amenities and orientation to serve this second side of the home. Finding a home plan that will help you get the most out of your corner investment is crucial. Learn more about corner block plans today. 

Benefits of the Corner Block

With its unique location, a corner block offers many benefits that’ll appeal to various lifestyles, families and living arrangements. Here are just a few. 

More Light

A regular home plot will, of course, have neighbours on either side. Whilst innovative design choices can help ensure you still access plenty of light, a corner block will only enhance this. With up to three sides of uninterrupted light, corner blocks tend to be flooded with natural light for a more expansive feeling home.

More Privacy

Your average home will likely have you surrounded by neighbours on three sides, but a corner block offers you at least two that are street-facing. By reducing your number of next-door neighbours, you enjoy more privacy with fewer people living close to you. With the right foliage, your home can enjoy total privacy and peace. 

Two Street Entries

As more Australians begin to opt for multi-generational living, a double-facade home could foster more streamlined living. Whether it’s older children or parents, an additional entry offers you the space to design your floor plan and give everyone their own space to live more independently. 

Customising your home for a corner block 

All G.J. Gardner Homes’ plans can be customised to suit your block and lifestyle. If you’re building on a corner, our design team can tailor the home so you can enjoy additional entryways or whatever additions the home needs. By customising with a side access, you get to enjoy the elevated functionality and convenience that only a corner block can offer.  

We work with the guidelines of your local council to edit our floor plans to ease the building process. It’s important your home takes into account the unique factors of a corner block as well as your location to ensure it can still function and feel its best.  Our fully customisable homes help ensure the final home has been built with you and your neighbourhood in mind. 

Our best home designs for corner blocks 

Coogee 427

Monash 450

South Bank 530

Looking to build on a corner block?

If your dream home is built on a corner, the G.J. Gardner Homes’ design team can help make that a reality. Once you’ve sourced your land, our team can help manage the one-of-a-kind designing and building process. Reach out to our friendly team today.