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Small House Designs

Good things come in small packages, and homes are no exception. Our homes are personal, so it’s important to find a space that’ll work for you and your family. Although resort-style homes and sprawling floor plans may suit some, small homes offer a range of benefits that you’ll reap from construction to re-sell time.

Small homes are a perfect match for today’s leading design trends, housing market and lifestyles. And more importantly, they provide just the right amount of space that you’ll actually use.

Beautiful and functional homes of a smaller scale require an innovative and considered approach to the floorplan. As a custom builder, G.J. Gardner Homes can craft a small home that’ll suit not only your way of life but your land block as well. Whether a unique shape or narrow block, we can design a high-performing home that makes the most of the land available.

Benefits of small home designs

Don’t be fooled by the square meterage. Small homes tend to pack a punch – affording a range of advantages to elevate your daily life.

1. Spend less time cleaning and maintaining

Due to the downsized floor plans, small homes are often easier to maintain without excess and unused spaces. As many would know, the role of a homeowner demands time and money to keep the home in good shape. From the exterior to the interior, smaller homes cut down the spaces you have to care for to make life easier.

Beyond the space itself, a smaller home also means less clutter, unwanted belongings and mess, as you no longer have storage for it. Not only does a smaller home free you from constant maintenance, but you’ll also simply have fewer belongings to care for and store. Decluttering has been proven time and time again to destress and boost productivity.

2. More sustainable (and even, economical)

A small home requires a lot less energy to power, making them a more sustainable living option. Whilst there are many ways to adopt sustainability into home building, a smaller size majorly reduces your carbon footprint. Small homes require fewer materials in construction and then, use less energy to heat and cool, keep lit and appliances to operate. Learn more about sustainable home building now.

Say goodbye to the unnecessary spending of oversized homes, and reap major savings on smaller water and electricity bills.

3. Keep your family connected

At G.J. Gardner Homes, our team of specialist designers are versed in homes ranging from 150 square meters all the way up to 600 square meters. These floor plans have made considered use of space to find the perfect balance between private and communal spaces.

Without sprawling mega-sized floor plans, small homes make it easier for your family to stay connected. You can’t help but spend more time together with fewer lone rooms or isolated bedrooms. This is ideal for young families as a space conscious home offers you convenient access to your kids and the comfort of closeness.

Here’s our top 5 favourite small house designs

In the home industry, a small home is defined as a space of around 200 square meters. At G.J. Gardner Homes, our small home designs use this space to their full advantage.

Bridgewater 225

The Bridgewater home boasts 225 square meters and has been designed with a modern family lifestyle in mind. Effortless connections let the home easily flow from the four bedrooms to the open plan living space and alfresco. With bedrooms spaced across the single-storey as well as a private lounge, the Bridgewater is perfect for families with older children.

Cranbourne 170

With 170 square meters across two storeys, the Cranbourne offers a compact but luxury experience. By separating communal spaces from the three bedrooms across floors, this home is always for maximum privacy, whilst the open plan living areas keep the family connected.

Essendon 203

This home has been designed for narrow blocks, offering 203 square meters across two expertly-arranged storeys. The Essendon 203 home is ideal for small families, boasting three bedrooms upstairs as well as a generous open plan living hub downstairs. Through this innovative use of space, the Essendon 203 celebrates G.J. Gardner Homes’ design approach and skill in creating beautiful homes for unique block shapes.

Amandari 182

The Amandari 182 home has been designed for uniquely shaped blocks across a single-storey. This home uses space for functional living, providing an open plan living space in one wing and the four bedrooms in the other. This separation lets you enjoy a communal space to rewind and relax whilst still being connected to the personal rooms.

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