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American-Style Homes

From pop culture to politics and even ways of life, America has remained the epicentre of trendsetting for generations. It’s no surprise then that American home design is a leading force behind Australia’s favourite home trends. Whilst our climates, landscapes and cultures may differ, America’s design approaches still manage to find a home down under.  

American-style homes tend to be a unique fusion of historical, climate and cultural factors, which have gone on to create some of home buildings’ most sought after styles. Famed for their oversized floor plans, unique aesthetics and amenities aplenty, American-style homes often embody the luxury we’re all aiming to capture in our homes.  

If you’re searching for home inspiration, a trip over the Pacific may be all you need to find your future home’s vision. Here are G.J. Gardner Homes’ top 5 favourite American home styles we’ve drawn on in our own designs.  

Hamptons style home

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Hamptons style homes are one of the most popular design approaches of today. Defined by an elevated take on the coastal look with features like white, bright and airy spaces, clean lines and rustic details, this style has effortlessly won the heart of Australia’s beach-loving culture.  

Although originating on the East Coast of America in a small New York community, Hamptons style homes are so adored for their classic look. Through white spaces, restrained use of colour and natural materials as well as a weatherboard exterior, Hamptons style offers refined and timeless home features.  

Moreover, with so much of the Australian population already living in beach-side locations, this home style works on a practical level as well, with its features easily managing warm temperatures, salty atmospheres and humidity. Hamptons style homes provide a refined update to the Aussie coastal aesthetic, adding more sophisticated details which make it an ideal home design from inner-city to suburbia. 

Ranch style homes 

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First appearing throughout the farmlands of California, this home style has since gained notoriety across America and beyond. The Ranch home style is defined by a single-story, low-profile home with a sprawling floor plan. As one of the first modern home styles to incorporate open-plan living in its design, Ranch-style homes embrace space, known for having plenty of windows to bring the outdoor climate indoors.  

In its time, this design approach was due to the low cost of building single storey homes with few walls, but today, the Ranch style continues to dominate design trends for its practicality, spacious feel and family orientated features. The Ranch design allows for easy flow between spaces as its favourite features have always been inspired by functionality first.  

Just like California, Australia boasts plenty of space for homeowners to build on and relish the natural world. Our acreage style homes have taken inspiration from the classic Ranch features to create flowing and open homes that celebrate the luxury of space. This style has gained popularity with Australians for its livability as the perfect home for big families. 

French colonial 

This home style is the by-product of French sensibility and the humid climate of the American South. Originally the home style of the French colonies, this American home style is revered for its elegant and architectural details, which reimagines its European roots in a tropical setting.

Most famously, French colonial-style homes have unique exteriors and facades, defined by a symmetrical design and steeply pitched roofs, with covered balconies surrounding the home. Inside, this home style opts for an open plan living space to optimise airflow as well as high ceilings and an emphasis on outdoor spaces to increase the overall sense of openness. The French colonial home style is loved for its stunning hardwood floors in oak and maple and simple colour schemes which add to the classic and premium feel.

French colonial homes naturally lend themselves to the unique tropical conditions of Australia and offer a unique way to adopt classic and luxe European design elements into our lifestyle.

Mid-century modern style

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By the mid-1900s, America was the birthplace of the modernist design movement which sought to simplify and streamline the home. Unlike the ornate detailing of the past, modernist homes were interested in simplicity, liveability and functionality. Today, modernist homes are often synonymous with luxury, as their minimalist style and open plan create an elevated living experience. Defined by functionality and integration, this style has effortlessly made its way into Australian design trends as it complements warm climates and laid-back lifestyles.

With a single storey, the modernist home tends to resemble a rectangle shape, with a façade that includes a skillion roof and minimal decorative features. Inside, the mid-century modern approach to the American home is associated with an indoor-outdoor concept, designed for living areas to seamlessly flow outside, along with plenty of stretched windows and an open plan concept.

Through today’s lens, the mid-century home style is the epitome of cool and retro design which remains as practical as it was when it first debuted. With an emphasis on integrating indoor and outdoor spaces and climate-friendly materials, the mid-century home complements the Australian weather and lifestyle. The modernist home style only continues to grow in popularity in Australia as it strives for a uniquely simplified living arrangement which many of us crave in our busy daily lives.

Craftsman-style houses

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This lesser-known style of American home has influenced not just Australian home aesthetics but also how we approach home building. First gaining popularity in California at the turn of the century, Craftsman-style homes were a result of the cultural movement to revive the decorative arts in the face of industrialism.

Craftsman-style homes are committed to celebrating craftsmanship and keeping a connection to the natural world throughout our living spaces. The façade is notable for its wide front porches supported by pillars and wooden detailing. Inside, you’ll find an open-plan style living area that’s design is rooted in functionality and an emphasis on comfortable and cosy spaces.

Whilst our homes definitely provide a modernised take on this more historical American home style, Craftsman-style homes have had a lasting effect on G.J. Gardner Homes’ dedication to quality, sustainability and working with the natural environment. Craftsman-style homes are an approach to home design that prioritises harmonious and considered design; values which have naturally resonated with the Australian character.

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