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The Ultimate Luxury of Theatre Rooms

Nothing competes with the comfort and relaxation of unwinding in front of the TV, and in the age of streaming, this has only become even more common. In fact, Australians are more likely to watch from home than the cinema today due to the endless convenience, entertainment and flexibility of our home TVs.  

As our screen times increase, the role of our living room spaces has majorly changed as well. Theatre rooms keep up with our changing watching habits, offering the best of both worlds. You get to relish in the comfort and convenience of home as well as the fun and experience of the cinema all in one place. 

Whether you’re a movie buff or just love your nightly shows, a theatre room is a great addition to your home. 

What is a theatre room?

A theatre room is a type of living room solely dedicated to watching. With open plan homes now the new normal, theatre rooms let you enjoy a space that’s only about comfort and unwinding. Instead of sharing with the kitchen and dining, a theatre room is secluded to its own space. 

Most of our G.J. Gardner Homes have been designed with additional living spaces or family zones to avoid overcrowding. These spaces are the perfect destination for theatre rooms and lets your home stay attune to your daily life and routines. 

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Is a theatre room worth the investment?

The investment in a theatre room will depend on your lifestyle. With G.J. Gardner Homes’ totally customisable home designs, we encourage our homebuyers to make their home be a reflection of them. Whether that’s an expansion to the alfresco or generous office space, we work together to craft the perfect home for you. 

For cinephiles, a theatre room is a great use of any extra room, only requiring a television, sound system and seating. The final figure will depend on whatever brands you use to stock your at-home cinema with. It’s estimated that a theatre room can cost upwards of $500 and at most $10,000. 

If a theatre room is the perfect fit for you and your family’s lifestyle, you can find a total cost that’ll work with your budget so you can reap all its benefits. 

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Why add a theatre room to your home?

There’s a few major benefits that come with building a theatre room into your home. This room may seem like the ultimate luxury, but it comes with plenty of practical benefits. 

  1. Privacy: With an at-home theatre room, you can watch movies and TV shows without interruption or distractions. No longer is the TV shared with your kitchen or dining room, so you get complete control over your viewing experience.
  2. Quality: A dedicated theatre room can be designed and equipped with high-quality audio and visual equipment for an immersive and quality viewing experience.
  3. Cost saving: Over time, save money on movie tickets and have a cinema experience where you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want, all within your own home. 
  4. Entertainment: Entertain guests and host movie nights or sporting events from your at-home theatre room. With a space like this, you maximise opportunities for fun and relaxation together. 

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