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Study Nook Ideas

With work-from-home becoming our new normal, the humble study nook has transformed from an accessory to an essential. Whether answering a zoom or finishing off homework, we’re all spending increasing amounts of time in our home work spaces. 

To meet these new changes, our G.J. Gardner Homes designers refreshed our approach to study nook ideas. Ideal for modern families, study nooks let you take full advantage of your space and keep your home connected. 

Our Top 5 Favourite Study Nook Ideas 

  1. Keep it hidden

Through discrete cabinetry, you can build your study nook into storage systems, so it’s completely hidden from the naked eye. Keep your study nook camouflaged until it’s needed within living rooms or spare bedrooms through features like sliding doors. This study nook idea lets you keep the area compacted and easy to pack up when not being used. 

  1. Under the stairs

Under the stairs has long been an under-utilised space in our homes. Channel Harry Potter and make use of this space by converting it into a study nook. Through simple design choices, the under the stairs area provides an ideal space for a generous desk with ample wall storage. 

  1. Fully integrated

This study nook idea makes sure it’s seamlessly integrated into your existing space. By incorporating the study nook into a shelving unit, you can make use of vertical space and create a functional study area without taking up valuable floor space.

By building it within the existing unit, you create a cohesive look and feel in the room that avoids separate and standalone workspaces. Once established, this style can be easily adapted to accommodate any lifestyle changes. 

  1. In the kitchen

Situating your study nook in the kitchen offers you the ultimate convenience of having this work space in the centrepiece of your home. 

For modern families, a kitchen study nook is perfect for school nights, letting the kids finish off their homework whilst you finish off dinner. On other days, it’s the perfect flex space for any work you need to complete. 

  1. Corner study nook

With a study nook kept in the corner,  you can convert unused spaces into a home essential. A corner desk provides plenty of space, and is perfect to pair with a set of corner shelves for ample storage. With effective design, you can enjoy a deep desk with plenty of leg space. 

The corner study nook makes a great addition to your communal spaces like kitchens or living rooms. This location lets you conveniently make use of the desk when needed with minimal disruption to your space. Add a study nook to almost any room with the corner design.

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