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Most of today’s leading home trends are under the influence of Scandinavia. For generations, this European hub has remained at the forefront of design by infusing classic features with a modern perspective.

Australian homes continue to take inspiration from the sleek, subtle and sophisticated approach of a culture at the opposite end of the earth. And for most new home builders, this effortlessly chic and refined look is the goal.

But, what is the Scandinavian design style?

The design approach hails from Scandinavia, a northern region of Europe made up of countries like Denmark, Sweden and Norway. For decades, Scandinavia has been the epicenter of design, producing famous furniture, design techniques and iconic designers. A lot of Scandinavian design features, like muted colours, clean lines and functional features, come from classic 50s modernist styles being reworked for the cold climate and lifestyles of the Nordic. 

In comparison to styles like Australian Coastal or Hamptons, Scandinavian home designs are known for being modern rather than classic, elegant rather than comfortable and subtle rather than bold.

Scandinavian home design ideas

Scandinavian-style draws on the key principles of functionality, simplicity, and craftsmanship. Since our team of designers prioritise similar design elements, Scandinavian features can be found across our range.

Most Nordic design features were actually developed to combat their long and frosty winters. Although the Australian climate might need fewer furs and fireplaces, many of the trademark Scandinavian design ideas still work in our warmer climate. At its core, the Scandy design approach aims to work with the surrounding environment for an elevated living experience. Here’s a few of our favourite Scandinavian design ideas, and more importantly, how to use them.

Neutral colours

A staple of Scandinavian design is the use of minimal and muted colours, including whites, blacks or greys and wood. You’ll find most classic Scandinavian homes rely heavily on white. This is a long-lasting design tradition that attempts to brighten up the long and dark Nordic winters. Wooden accents perfectly complement this minimalist colour palette and offer a rustic and natural feel. In more contemporary styles, you’ll find the addition of dark finishes with black tapware, lighting and other fixtures to add depth.

Natural light and open plan

These design features were also inspired by long Nordic winters and maximise and enhance any natural light. Open plan living spaces and natural light go hand in hand and work together to give homes a more airy and light feeling. For Australian homes, these ideas end up complementing the hotter and longer days, letting you enjoy cross breezes and the outdoors.

Minimalist living

The minimalism of Scandinavian design isn’t too extreme as it’s based around making spaces liveable and convenient. Clean lines and subtle textures form the foundation of this home style. Instead of being influenced by the climate, the minimalist features of Scandy design are much more in step with Nordic culture.

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