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Our Top 5 Favourite Kitchens 2022

As open plan living becomes the norm, the emphasis on designing a beautiful and functional kitchen has only soared. Today, kitchens are a major opportunity to establish the style of your home and create the perfect central hub. With design trends always evolving, here’s our guide to our top five favourite kitchens for 2022. 

Moody & Modern

Dark toned kitchens give a Scandinavian feeling to this heart of the home to create depth and intrigue. Whilst bright, white and airy kitchens have defined kitchen trends for the last decade, we’re finding darker tones are growing in popularity. These bold colourways can be an easy way to bring more depth into your kitchen, as the contrast can stop this space from feeling dull. The darker tones give your kitchen a hit of vitality and energy, from black cabinetry, the dark-toned natural materials, and deep-toned tapware and finishes. 

Moody and modern colourways give your kitchen a sleek look, which can be enhanced with dark tones, wall colours or contrasted against with whites. Dark tones throughout your kitchen guarantees your home a modern and contemporary look. Beyond that, we find dark benchtops and colourways are easier to keep clean and less likely to show messes. 

Australian-inspired Hamptons 

As Hamptons homes continue to lead as the most highly coveted kitchen form, we’re witnessing the combination of Hamptons elements and Aussie coastal styles. Hampton’s classics, like layers of light and shaker style, have been mixed with golden finishes and natural materials. 

The Australian take on Hamptons style transforms your kitchen into a sanctuary making this central hub of your home feel bright and airy. White kitchens are classic rather than trend-led and are bound to stand the test of time. The simplicity makes them easily adapted to suit the natural evolution of your home’s styles and your lifestyle. 

The classic Hamptons colour of white is bound to make your kitchen feel larger and more open. This kitchen variety has a relaxing effect, free from the clutter of contrast. 

Mix & Matched Materials

To enhance your kitchen, we’re finding mixing and matching materials can serve to create an interesting and bold kitchen scape. By combining different materials, colours and textures, your kitchen can be an exciting and welcoming place that can complement the rest of your home with ease.

Mix and match kitchen styles are great if you’re looking to create a kitchen that will connect to the more unique aspects of your home. With contrasting materials and colours, mixed and matched kitchens are adaptable and relaxed.

Mid-Century Inspired

In the late few years, we’ve experienced a revival of midcentury styles in fashion to homewares. Today, we’re seeing our favourite elements of midcentury kitchens be combined with contemporary features. 

Bold splashbacks are a great way to add unique texture and shapes to your kitchen benches. From chevron patterns to hexagon tiles, adding tile patterns is an impactful way to add a midcentury style to the central space. 

The use of dark finishes, such as wooden units, black tapware and industrial-style pendants, brings depth into your kitchen, contrasting with white walls and benches. The addition of glass cabinetry adds a vintage touch to the space, rivalling classic kitchen styles. They also provide the opportunity to showcase your favourite dishware. 

Resort Style

Following the cultural impacts of the pandemic, we’re witnessing resort style interiors surge as we reimagine homes to rival a sanctuary. Resort style homes embrace airy interiors, white spaces and an overall feeling of bliss and relaxation. 

With the incorporation of outdoor flooring to flow effortlessly into alfresco spaces, a resort-style kitchen is perfect for open plan living if you intend to bring the outside in. 

Aesthetically, resort-style kitchens embrace bright white units and simplified storage systems to keep the space uncluttered. By Adding muted tiles as a splashback, you enhance this topical outdoors sensibility in the space.

Kitchens are the perfect opportunity to enhance the overall style of your home and craft the perfect space to make memories in. Discovering and designing the right kitchen will serve to enrich the functionality of your home whilst making a space you enjoy spending time in.