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European Laundry

Most of us would prefer not to think about laundry during the exciting time that is designing our future home. But your laundry design actually has the power to determine the 384 days the average person dedicates in their lifetime to completing the chore.

The European laundry offers a totally different approach to this utility space, keeping it compact, subtle and concealed. Designed originally for petite European city apartments, this laundry style opts for a cupboard over an entire room. Whether in hallways, kitchens or bathrooms, the European laundry can be hidden behind a cupboard door for easy access to a washing machine and dryer.

Since we spend so much time doing our laundry, the design of this space can enhance and ease your lifestyle. We know the option of hiding laundry is tempting, so learn whether a European laundry is right for you today. 

What is a European laundry?

A European laundry converts this utility space into just a cupboard rather than dedicating an entire room to the chore. It can be hidden with a sliding, cavity, bifold or pocket door to make for a seamless and undetectable look. The European style takes the small laundry design to another level,  just including the machines, maybe a sink and minimal bench space. 

This approach to utility design is a major change to Australian homes. Whilst Australia now leads as the builder of the biggest homes in the world, European city residents don’t have this luxury of space and have made design choices that maximise living and personal areas.

The European laundry lets you have the convenience of washing and drying in your own home without giving up the space for it. Once the laundry door is shut, the area stays out of sight and through sound-proofing and waterproofing, it can be forgettable. 

For small homes, the European laundry could be the ideal solution and lets you access just the essentials over a full-scale room. 

Where to put a European laundry

For the European laundry to stay accessible and functional, location is everything. Whilst you may have the convenience of being able to easily pack it up, there are a few factors that contribute to where to put this cupboard laundry. 

  1. Water access: for the machines to run, the European laundry still requires plumbing and water access. A location that can have piping installed will make for easier building and maintenance.
  2. Functionality: most Australians tend to make sure of the great weather, and air dry their clothes. Positioning your European laundry with easy access to your outside drying spots can save you from having to cart clothes across the home to finish your laundry.
  3. Minimise disruption: whilst it might seem ideal to place the laundry amongst the kitchen or bathroom cupboards, a laundry front and centre in these spaces can cause more disruption than ease. It ends up overloading the kitchen and bathroom by installing another utility space within one.  Off to the side, in hallways and removed from central hubs can help make things easier. 

What are the benefits of a European laundry?

The major benefit of European laundries is their minimal use of space. A European laundry is the ultimate small laundry idea and the most effective space-saving laundry solution. 

European laundry would suit:

  • Small home designs and dual occupancy homes: homes short on space can majorly benefit from the European approach. Dual occupancy homes tend to offer less living space, and a cupboard laundry makes this utility space as compact as possible.
  • Couples and small families: lifestyles with minimal laundry to get through are most compatible with this petite style. Due to the lack of bench space, European laundries work best for those who do few loads.

Why a European laundry might not be for you

Although laundry taking up little of your life might be the dream, for some homes, lifestyles and habits, it might not be the most ideal solution. If you tend to do multiple loads a week, rely on bench space or use your laundry for more than just its name, a dedicated room might be better suited.

With generous and considerate spaces, you can make these daily tasks easier and more enjoyable to complete. A luxe laundry lets your home’s deluxe feel extend to every area of your home. 

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