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Creating The Perfect Alfresco Dining Area

Let’s take this outside

As open plan living continues to become the new normal for house design, the role of the dining area has definitely changed. Once separated from the kitchen and living areas, the dining table today is where key daily moments unfold. It’s the spot for homework, family chats, WFH and of course, dining. But why not create this multi-purpose space outdoors as well?

With the Australian climate boasting such great weather, it’s no surprise we opt for alfresco dining areas to enjoy the long summer days or mild winters. When designed effectively, they can offer so much more than just a place to eat. The perfect alfresco dining area lets you fully utilise your home’s outdoor spaces for family dinners, parties and everyday tasks in the open air.

If you’re looking to create the perfect alfresco dining area, here’s a few things to consider first.

Add a kitchen

If you’re looking to enhance your alfresco dining area, an outdoor kitchen is a must. With clever cabinetry, a mini fridge and BBQ can be effortlessly concealed in your alfresco space, and you can even add a sink so it can be fully operational. An outdoor kitchen in your alfresco dining space not only lets the chef enjoy the outdoors, but offers you a premium outdoor feasting experience. Entertain without going back and forth from the inside kitchen, making summer BBQs or birthday parties a breeze.

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Unwind with a lounge

Of course, an outdoor dining table is a must-have to anchor your alfresco space, but adding a lounge as well lets you unwind in the open air. An easy add-on to your alfresco spaces, an outdoor lounge gives you a more casual space to entertain, enjoy time with family or find some peace and quiet. A home like South Bank 530 has a discreet lounge area outdoors, perfect for an evening drink alongside the outdoor dining table. A lounge or living space in your alfresco area simply elevates the space and lets you truly enjoy the relaxation and comfort outdoor spaces offer.

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Warm up with a fire pit

A fire pit is a way to create the ultimate alfresco dining space, particularly when alongside a lounge. Not only does a fire pit help you beat cold weather, it brings a cosy feel outside that resembles family camping trips. A fire pit is a way to master your alfresco space, whether it’s been built-in or free standing. Our Edgewater 220 home has added a fire pit to the alfresco dining and lounge space to bring warmth to the space and make it even more functional.

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Add an awning

Although awnings might not be as exciting as these other additions, they can be crucial to protecting your alfresco dining space from the harsher elements. Many of our homes keep the alfresco dining table undercover so you can enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather – still reap all the benefits but without the risk of sunburn or rain. This coverage also protects your outdoor furniture and features from water or sun damage.

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