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2023 Home Design Trends

A new year gives us the perfect opportunity to start thinking about our lifestyle and, especially, our homes. We’ll be embarking on a new era of home design as we discover new styles, preferences and ways of living. Whilst previous years have seen home trends cater towards lockdown living, 2023 marks an opportunity for Australian homes to set the tone of 20s design. 

Here are our top 5 trends we’re predicting to dominate homes this new year.

  1. Light leads

Home designs are getting creative with where and how we let light into our homes. From skylights to clerestory windows, 2023 is the year to maximise the opportunities for light in the home to brighten and freshen your space. 

Plenty of natural light in your home is not only good for appearances; by boosting your exposure to sunlight, you’ll feel benefits to your health as well. 

  1. Pops of colours 

Whilst sleek and white spaces have ruled for many decades, home designs are beginning to incorporate subtle sources of colour into the space. Colour through the form of statement walls, finishes, and cabinetry lets your home maintain a sense of minimalism but adds depth and drama. 

Our most recent homes have drawn on colour through tones like navy, grey and forest green to add more flair to our most used spaces like kitchens, laundries and bedrooms. As an added extra, these dark tones are more forgiving of stains and ready to help hide any wear or tear. 

  1. Resort style living

Home designs have been under the influence of our craving for travelling and holidays. Resort-style homes take inspiration from tropical spaces, designed to be open, bright and breezy. Through sprawling single-storey floor plans, as well as high ceilings and plenty of windows, resort-style homes bring the outdoors in. With a minimalist design, subtle materials and plenty of space, a resort home rivals a destination holiday. 

Ideal for Australian climates, these homes let you enjoy peace and relaxation from the comfort of your own home. 

  1. Australian coastal style

Hamptons-style homes have found their Southern Hemisphere equivalent with coastal-style homes. Where Hamptons’ styles were designed to reflect the norms and needs of American beach lifestyles, Australian coastal homes have made these beloved details our own. 

Coastal style is reflected through natural materials like woods and rattan, soft white tones and open spaces. These features work anywhere, whether you’re rural, urban or coast-bound, because they’re simple classics.  This design trend can also be effortlessly customised with your own personality.

  1. Open-plan bedrooms

The trend of open-plan living has officially expanded to the bedroom, as recent home trends opt for the bedroom and the bathroom to coexist in one space. 

An open-plan bedroom lets the space feel bigger and adds more details and features to the bedroom. Elements like a standalone tub, mirrors and vanities let your bedroom feel more luxurious and let you unwind in a personalised retreat. 

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