Building with G.J.

Designing Homes with Purpose

When you think about what a home should do, there are some basic universal needs that are pretty much a given.

  • Shelter
  • Functionality
  • Privacy

But what about the little details? What about the surroundings? Is it a dry or wet climate? What about the people living in it? What about the fun? This is what sets the G.J. Gardner home building experience apart. We design a home around the people who are going to live in it.

So, let’s look at how Peter, our Lead Home Designer, and his team might work through a brief on any given day in the studio.

“The first thing we look at is the block of land the house is being built on,” he says.

“With every build, we start the process by drawing up the block, then we look at the who the potential client is going to be.”

It might be a family with two or three kids, building in an outer metro area of a major Australian city. They might want four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a communal family space, study nooks, two car garage, and an outdoor living area.

“We know the type of demographic and the size of the house they want, so let’s now start looking at where we place a really nice outdoor living zone that works with their family space where they’ll be spending most of their time,” explains Peter.

The plans begin to take shape. It makes sense to have the kitchen next to the family space with easy access to the outdoor living zone. A large, invisible transition area is created between indoor and outdoor rooms allowing for a natural flow.

Once the big pieces of the puzzle are in place, we can really start to drill down into the detail.

Birthday cakes migrate seamlessly between the oven and the al fresco dining table. Woodfired pizzas make it back inside on a wintery Friday night in front of the footy. Every element is considered so that the whole block works perfectly for you and your loved ones. 

That’s the beauty of good design. A house shouldn’t just perform well, it should also be a joy to live in.

It’s your home, so it should reflect your lifestyle, budget, and your tastes. At G.J. Gardner Homes, there’s a team here for you, ready to make it real. Whether you’re building a family home, downsizing or looking to make your first entry in the market — you can be as hands on or hands off as you want. It’s all flexible and customisable.

Building your home exactly the way you want has never been this easy. Browse our portfolio of home designs or get in touch with your local G.J. office today.

With over 36,000 quality, customised homes built over the past 35 years, and having just been announced as the National Home Builder of the Year ( for the fourth consecutive year, G.J. Gardner is Australia’s most trusted home builder.