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Australia’s Best Homes G.J. Gardner Homes

Experience the G.J. Way this season on Channel Nine’s Australia’s Best House. Take tours through three of G.J. Gardner Homes’ stunning abodes from across the country, led by our expert team and hosts. These homes boast stunning designs and luxury features that capture the best of Australian living, spanning across unique communities and landscapes.

Montville Design: Coastal Meets Country

Nestled in country New South Wales, the Montville home is known for its sprawling floor plan and the perfect combination of country and coastal. Presented by G.J. Gardner Homes Shoalhaven owner Nathan, this home has taken inspiration from its outback yet beach-bound surroundings. Nathan takes host, Brielyn for a tour across this home’s impressive single-storey, admiring the many classic design elements like raked ceilings and multiple living room retreats that perfectly celebrate Australian lifestyles.

Oakford Design: Modern Alpine House

Australia’s Best House host, Andrew, is awed by this bold pavilion-inspired home that resides in Northern Victoria during his tour with G.J. Gardner Homes Baranduda owner, Simone. Inspired by this state’s frosty climate, the Oakford home offers the perfect modern Alpine experience with its two-pitched wings. Inside, the home uses natural textures to enhance its subtle and simplified design and keeps it connected with the surrounding Victorian landscape. As best said by Simone, the Oakford home takes a less is more approach to master its premium Australia home experience. 

Nelson Bay Design: Courtyard House

Showcased by G.J. Gardner Homes Noosa owner Eddie, this property is known for its innovative use of a narrow block. Incorporating a central courtyard into the heart of the design, the Nelson Bay home invokes an elevated coastal feel across its two storeys. This home is perfect for South East Queensland families, with an effortlessly flowing living to alfresco space that’s all situated around that brightening courtyard. The Nelson Bay is deservingly described by architect host, Joe, as a “sanctuary”.

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