Cost to Build

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Home in Australia?

If you’re looking to build a home in Australia – it would be ideal to have a guaranteed cost so you can begin budgeting and navigating the needed finances. But, as many will know, many factors are at play when trying to calculate the final cost of building a home that ascertaining a figure so early on is difficult to estimate accurately. 

In April 2022, the figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) suggested that, on average, the cost build a home in Australia is around $473,000 (including houses and unit data). However, in reality, that figure depends on an array of factors, including the location, size of the home, cost of the land, the finishes selected and even the impact of Covid on materials. Ultimately, it usually will cost upwards of that figure. 

Building a home in Australia will always be informed by the cost of materials, land and labour, which varies from city to city. If you want to begin the process of planning a build, contacting your local G.J. Gardner can help provide an estimate for your specific area with your needs in mind.

Post-Pandemic Life

The housing market and construction industry continue to reap the impacts of COVID-19. From supply chains to labour shortages, it’s important to keep in mind the pandemic will have withstanding impacts on how this process operates and the overall cost. 

Cost Factors 


The materials selected to build your home will majorly inform its final cost. Ensuring your budget correlates with the style you’re after is important. G.J. Gardner Homes offer various building materials and styles at different price points to ensure you can build a home that works for you. 

The cost of materials has majorly been affected by the supply chain changes and shortages stemming from the pandemic. These can serve to extend the building process and increase associated costs. 

Location and Land

The price of land is a major contributor to the overall cost of building a home. The land type and location can majorly impact the construction process and the materials you require to build a high-performing home. G.J. Gardner offers house and land packages to streamline this process, using their industry expertise to put the right home in the right environment. The cost to build a home will, of course, vary depending on the city. 


A basic factor that will inform the final cost of your home is your home’s size. More expansive homes and homes with plentiful bedrooms will naturally cost more, requiring more materials and labour. Finding a home that can support your family’s future realistically is an important consideration in the planning.

To work out what you can afford, research home loan options so that you can make informed decisions on land and design – you may want to speak to your bank or work with a financial adviser or mortgage broker to help with this stage.

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