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Conveyancers Explained

The journey of buying a home may be exciting, but it usually isn’t short and simple. Home- buyers need the support and guidance of lawyers, brokers, land sales or real estate agents and bankers to complete the purchase. One professional to get familiar with as a home buyer is a conveyancer.

As experts in transferring land ownership from one person to another, conveyancers play an essential role in completing the purchase. 

G.J. Gardner Homes has gained a wealth of knowledge in the process of home buying over their decades of building. We’re here to help you navigate conveyance and other legal steps involved.

What is a conveyancer?

A conveyancer is a professional who oversees the transfer of property or land as defined by the terms of the sale contract. 

Conveyancers can represent both the buyer and seller throughout the transaction. Their role is to guide and lead the legal processes involved with home buying or selling and facilitate all the right steps.  Your conveyancer is responsible for helping get the transaction across the line, and ensuring legal requirements are being met.

It’s recommended home buyers engage the services of a conveyancer before an offer is made. By seeking this essential service early in the buying process, you can avoid any major issues that could come from errors or missteps. For first-time home-buyers, the support of conveyancers ensures the purchase process goes smoothly, and your interests are considered. 

Conveyancers are responsible for the following:

  • Handling the paperwork and legal documents
  • Legally allowed searches of the property history
  • Review and negotiate the contract
  • Organising settlement
  • Maintain all documentation

What’s the difference between a conveyancer and a solicitor?

Solicitors are legal professionals who work with more complicated and high-value property sales. They can perform the task of conveyancing but also have a wide knowledge of other legal areas, which means their services are more expensive. 

In comparison, conveyancers are licensed with Fair Trading and specialise in only completing the conveyancing. These professionals end up costing less but perform a similar role to a solicitor. 

How much are conveyancer fees?

As with most costs involved with home-buying, the cost will always vary from case to case. On average, the cost of a conveyancer is around $1000. This final figure will depend on a few factors, like timeframe, property and the complexity of the sale. 

Do you need a conveyancer as a home buyer?

For every home purchase, conveyancing must be done to transfer the ownership of land and property. Whether it’s necessary will depend on where you’re located. New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania recommend using a conveyancer, whilst Queensland and Western Australia mandate the use of one. 

Home buying is a complex process that involves so many different legal and financial factors. A conveyancer helps ensure this process runs smoothly, your interests are represented, and the purchase is finalised. Their services are highly recommended. 

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