Tips for Building a House on a Budget

Date Monday, 14 May 2018 12:00 AM

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Looking to build your dream home on a fixed budget? Not sure where to save money during the building process? In this post, we provide 7 simple tips for building a house on a budget.
1. Set a realistic budget
It’s easy to get distracted in the excitement of building a new home. In all likelihood, you’ve worked hard to save the deposit and organise your finance - which is fantastic! However, be mindful of the additional costs involved in building a new home, such as stamp duty, conveyancing, council / utility rates and mortgage insurance (if necessary). Make sure to factor in all these costs at the start to avoid surprises later on.

2. Keep the design simple
Choosing a simple design over a complex one saves time and money. A simple design is usually one that is rectangular or square in shape, and which embraces some form of open-plan living (fewer internal walls are required). Many builders offer a range of simple off-the-plan designs to save on architectural fees. As Australia’s premier home builder, G.J. Gardner Homes provides 150+ off-the-plan designs to choose from.
3. Buy a block that’s ready to build on
Site preparation is an area that’s often overlooked by first-time home builders. Make sure you choose a block of land that’s flat, easy to access, free of trees and connected to utilities at the street level. Also, avoid sloping blocks and soil that’s rocky or highly-reactive. Given the complexities involved in site preparation, it’s important to seek professional advice prior to buying a block.
4. Compromise a little on fittings and materials
If you’re on a fixed budget, you don’t have to buy the very best fittings and materials straight away. Starting off with quality mid-range floor coverings and kitchen appliances is sometimes a smart idea – particularly if it saves you from having to borrow more money. Talk to your builder before sign-off to ascertain where sensible savings can be made in relation to fittings and materials.
5. Consider a house and land package
A turnkey house and land package is usually a cost-effective and hassle-free way to build a new home. Key benefits include affordability, lower stamp duty (provided the house hasn’t been built yet) and certainty around site preparation costs. A quality house and land package will typically feature a large number of inclusions, which are potential money savers.
6. Check your eligibility for stamp duty concessions and grants
Stamp duty concessions are available to eligible first home buyers in several states and territories – namely New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory. The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) – a Federal government initiative – is also available to eligible first home buyers throughout Australia (
7. Seek transparency in your builder
Prior to construction, you’ll be required to sign a legally-binding contract, which sets out the rights and responsibilities of the consumer (you) and the builder. A quality builder will always be upfront with the overall cost of building a new home. At G.J. Gardner Homes, we provide customers with a transparent fixed-priced contract and encourage open communication from the onset.
The bottom line
Hopefully we’ve given you an insight into building a house on a budget. The key is to think carefully and strategically about your home building project, and to be mindful of false economy. G.J. Gardner Homes - Australia's number 1 rated new home builder - can advise on all aspects of affordable home design and building. Feel free to contact us for a friendly, no-obligation chat about your new home.

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