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You will be surprised how much more efficient it can be to knockdown and rebuild rather than to renovate. After our first phone conversations we will organise to meet you in person and learn about your dream. Starting at our New Home Display Centre in Brookvale we will get to know you and your lifestyle whilst reviewing any plans or ideas that you have. We can invite you along to one of our Knock Down Rebuild Seminars, we also offer 'one on one' personalised site visits to view and assess your site at absolutely no cost and no pressure! We can also arrange for you to visit one of our finished homes where we will also be able to show you various finishes and design styles on a real site. Further, we can give you various addresses of our current work sites to drive past and give you a list of our completed homes to drive by & view. The great news is that we take all of the hassles out of the building equation for you - from the surveys, soil testing, design and planning, DA and engineering, to providing you with a professional colour consultant for the finishing touches.

At G.J. Gardner Homes Sydney North we will work with our plans, your plans - or we can design your dream home together. We work with an innovative plan bank, which can become the platform to turn your ideas and concepts into reality. You are an individual and we can build the home that suits you, your lifestyle and unique needs.

We engage the most experienced tradespeople, most of whom have been with us from the very beginning. The successful merging of Horst Lueckl and G.J. Gardner Homes already has a respected resume of completed homes throughout the Sydney North region. Horst and the team have the knowledge and experience you are seeking. So call us to discuss your home building plans and dreams.

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Our stages of knockdown & rebuild

There are many stages of a Knockdown Rebuild - here are some of the more important stages...

Stage 1 - Design Meeting

At your convenience we'll go through stage one of our specially-developed two-part checklist to ensure we understand your design requirements for your new home.

We'll start with the following crucial works: - Soil test - Topographic (site levels) - Preliminary planning requirements check - Preliminary bush fire risk-level assessment check. + We'll visit the site and check the surroundings, e.g. fences, trees, neighbouring houses, view lines and access.

In the Design Presentation we'll provide three design options, which may be from our existing range or it may feature your customised concepts that are more relevant to your site.

We will then take the chosen plan and make any final amendments, working through the last sales checklist. This very detailed list will help ensure we don't miss any important touches you want added to your new home.

We'll meet up with you again to price up your chosen inclusions and present the final building quote. This is the final 'Authority to Proceed' meeting.

Stage 2 - Contract Signing

The building contract will feature a fixed time frame and a fixed price (there may be rock exclusion in some areas). We only charge for work on materials actually fixed on site and we have an on-site start time within 21 days of permit issue, or any other paperwork and finance confirmation that required.

Stage 3 - Planning Approval

Together with a Town Planner, we formulate your documentation and get it ready for Council or private certifier. We coordinate all of the surveying and engineering requirements, as well as BASIX, final plans, environmental impact statement, window schedule, shadow diagrams, landscaping plans etc.

While your plans are in Council/Certifier, you will meet with our Colour Consultant to go through the internal and external house colours, kitchen finishes, floor coverings and fixtures and fittings. Any variations or upgrades are signed off at this stage prior to commencement of construction stage.

Stage 4 - Under Construction

There will be five crucial review times at which we invite you to meet with us: - Slab - Frame - Lock Up - Fix Out - Practical Completion

How to Find the Perfect Site for a Knockdown Rebuild

Building your own Knockdown Rebuild home can be a truly amazing experience, albeit a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Don’t underestimate the time and consideration you need to put into the search process – your block is going to dictate far more than just your address. Here’s what to look out for in a potential site, with explanations of why each is as important as the next.

Which direction does it face? Your primary concern should be orientation and outlook. Everything else is manageable with good design which can improve liveability and reduce building and ongoing costs as well as environmental impact by building smarter. When selecting a site, you ideally want it to extend along the east-west axis to maximise the home’s northern outlook. The more windows and rooms you have facing north, the better your home’s ability to capture and store winter sun and heat.

What’s already on the block? Along with the orientation, the current built environment should be considered when looking to purchase the site. Any neighbouring buildings close to the site or trees to the north, no matter how small, will shade some portion of the north face of the house, and will therefore dramatically affect the home’s overall performance. A corner block with an uninterrupted north face, for example, will require less auxiliary internal temperature control than a block with a three-story house in close proximity on the north face.

How will the location affect the home’s materials, design and cost? The location or your block can have a huge impact on the overall design of your home, as well as the construction cost. Whether it is by the coast, in a bushfire-prone area, or even in the suburbs, different locations will require the home to meet specific standards in order to comply with certain building codes, along with standing up against mother-nature.

How steep is too steep? The terrain or slope of your land also has a huge role to play in the overall design and cost of your home. Severely sloping sites may require cutting and filling of the land and large, expensive retaining walls. Sites with more gentle slopes may not require any cut, fill or retaining, but may require the design itself to step and follow the contour of the land. This can result in a more interesting and dynamic design, but also has the potential to add additional costs to the overall construction budget. How strict is the local council? Some councils require your house to follow a certain form or style – possibly a pitched roof if located in a character area, or even being opposed to any modern forms. Other councils can limit the materials they will approve for the front elevation. If you have a particular architectural style in mind for your home, it’s always good to talk to the council or a professional to make sure the rules governing the block you are purchasing don’t restrict this. With a recent merging of councils in the Sydney area and particularly the Northern Beaches, the requirements in your local area have remained the same. The search for a suitable site for your new home can now begin with confidence. Happy hunting!

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