The timeless appeal of The Hamptons


The timeless appeal of The Hamptons

The timeless appeal of The Hamptons
Nostalgia for a golden by-gone era has helped make G.J. Gardner’s exclusive ‘Hamptons’ home design one of Australia’s most popular, according to renowned architectural designer Peter Mannion. 
That, and American television.
With its gabled roof line, 50s inspired detailing, and open plan ‘beach bungalow’ feel, the Hamptons appeals to those hungering for a simpler time.
“The Hamptons echoes an era that many people associate with being safe, stable and prosperous, but also a little bit glamourous,” Peter said. “It’s a look we’re all familiar with from old movies and it’s making a comeback thanks to U.S television shows like Revenge.”
Peter believes the surge in popularity of the Hamptons comes down to its versatility and timeless appeal.
“It’s a traditional style that transcends eras,” Peter said. “With some simple tweaking of the design, it can suit all kinds of personalities. It’s ageless really.”
Named after the playground of the rich and famous on Long Island, New York, The Hamptons, exudes a coastal feel and lends itself to natural stone and wood finishes.
Peter said along with the gabled roof, a combination of contrasting building materials and extra detailing was used to get the look just right.
“It’s a design that pays attention to the details, something we don’t see as much of anymore, but it was very prevalent in 50s and 60s design. I think people like those little touches. It’s nice to live in a home where extra care has been taken in the detail. It makes a place feel special.”
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