The Average Costs to Build a 4 Bedroom House Explained

The Average Costs to Build a 4 Bedroom House Explained

The Average Costs to Build a 4 Bedroom House Explained

The Average Costs to Build a 4 Bedroom House Explained

Getting ready to build a 4 bedroom home? Looking forward to the extra space? You’re probably wondering how much your dream home is going to cost. In this post, we outline the average cost to build a 4 bedroom house - by examining 4 integral cost components.

Home Design

Depending on who you talk to, a 4 bedroom brick veneer home can cost anywhere from $1,000 - $3,000 per square metre to build. It all depends on the design, the materials and the finish of the home (low, standard or high). Obviously, a larger 4 bedroom home with quality fixtures and materials will cost more than a simpler 4 bedroom design.

As a general rule, an off-the-plan design is cheaper to build than a custom design. Having said this, every 4 bedroom design is costed differently - all the more reason to speak with a professional builder when estimating costs.

Sustainability Measures

When building your 4 bedroom home, your builder will need to comply with any State and Local government sustainability measures. The measures vary from state to state, and sometimes from council to council. Generally speaking, all new homes built in Australia are required to be energy and water efficient.

As a bare minimum, your builder should install insulation (roof and external walls), roof sarking, dual-flush toilets and water-saving taps. Some local councils will also insist on rainwater tanks to take the pressure off the mains (drinking) water supply. Regardless of where you build, these sustainability measures will add to your upfront building costs.

Site Preparation

Depending on the size and complexity of your 4 bedroom design, site preparation costs will naturally come into play. If your design features larger bedrooms, additional ensuites or extra living spaces, your site preparation costs will increase exponentially.

Once your site has been flattened, levelled and stabilised, an AS2870-compliant slab will need to be poured. As a rule of thumb, concrete slabs cost between $70 and $120 per square metre (materials and labour included). If your home design requires a thicker slab, or your site is difficult to access, you’ll probably pay towards the higher end of the scale.


One of the exciting aspects of building a home is choosing the floor coverings. Popular floor coverings include carpet, tiles, laminate, linoleum (lino), vinyl and polished concrete. Floor coverings vary in price, and larger 4 bedroom homes will cost more to cover.

An overview of indicative flooring costs is set out below.

  • Carpet: $30 - $150 per square metre (Note – you may be quoted in broadloom metres, which are 3.66m x 1m)

  • Tiles: $30 - $150 per square metre (ceramic tiles are cheapest; stone tiles are more expensive)

  • Laminate Flooring: $20 - $100 per square metre

  • Linoleum (lino): $30 - $70 per square metre

  • Vinyl Flooring: $30 - $70 per square metre

  • Polished Concrete: $50 - $100 per square metre

A Final Word

Hopefully, we’ve given you an idea of the average cost to build a 4 bedroom house. Obviously, building a home is complex, costly and somewhat stressful. But you needn’t worry. An established national builder like G.J. Gardner Homes takes the stress, hassle and complexity out of building a new home. In addition, our transparent fixed-price contracts provide certainty and peace-of-mind. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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