Pet Friendly Interior Designs

Pet Friendly Interior Designs

Pet Friendly Interior Designs

Pet Friendly Interior Designs

It’s no secret that your pet can quickly become part of the family. So, it makes sense to think of pet friendly interior designs when it comes to styling your home.   

Fur-tunately, we’ve created a list of pet-ential elements to consider when decking out your home for your fur-family member. And, just because you are taking this oppawtunity to cater for your furchild, doesn’t mean you will be compromising on style!

So, let’s hop to it…


Pet friendly fur-niture

Furniture with dark colours like charcoal, stone or mocha are a good way to hide dirty paws, saliva (from dribbling) or those unforeseen accidents and yes we mean the wet kind. When you are shopping around for appropriate furniture also consider patterned fabrics or even leather.

If an accident occurs with patterned or leather furniture it’s much easier to clean and forget it ever happened. If a scratch also happens to occur, distressed or hard wearing leather will work wonders as it will be harder for your guests to notice.

If neither of these suggestions tickle your fancy, then why not even consider some funky second-hand furniture. It won’t break your heart (or bank) as much when an accident occurs, and could even add a retro-vintage vibe to your new home.

Hard-wearing floors

If you are the kind of person that prefers their pet inside most of the time or have an inside cat or dog, hard-wearing floors will be your best friend. Why you ask? Well, consider the amount of hair, inside fetch and again those unpredicted accidents happening on your new carpet. Instead, you and your fur-iend may benefit from other floor options like, polished concrete, laminate flooring, stone or ceramic tiles.

These types of flooring are super easy to clean and won’t hold bacteria and hair and remain stain free as opposed to carpet. On top of this, your pet will thank you in summer for the cooling effect they get out of it.

Pet friendly spaces

As part of the family, your pet deserves to have a space of their own. Now, we aren’t here to say you should dedicate an entire room to your pet (but we totally won’t judge if you do). However, think about how you can utilise a space more effectively for your fur-friend, like the fireplace sanctuary and laundry oasis below. By creating these spaces for your pet’s you are more likely to avoid any damages or mess to your furniture.

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