Looking For House Design Ideas?

Looking For House Design Ideas?

Looking For House Design Ideas?

Looking For House Design Ideas?

If you’ve decided to design or build your own home, you’ve come to the right place for inspirational house design ideas. In this post, we outline 5 things to consider when planning your new dream home.

Well-designed kitchen

A lot of socialising, particularly family time, takes place in the kitchen. Therefore it’s important to get the kitchen right. A well-designed kitchen is spacious, functional and visually appealing. In many cases, it adds the “wow” factor to a home.


A well-designed kitchen isn’t necessarily cheap, but it adds long-term value to a home. Make sure you choose quality appliances, benchtops, drawers and cupboards for your kitchen. You don’t need to pick the most expensive products, but rather ones with classic styling and lasting durability. For further inspiration, look here.


Room placement


A good house design takes into account the function and placement of every room. As a general rule, kitchens are located near living and dining areas; bedrooms are positioned away from noisy common areas; and laundries are placed near bedrooms. Garages can be tricky, as they sometimes share a common wall with a room in the house.


In short, be mindful when designing the layout of your home, as impractical or unusual designs are harder to sell later on. Stick with classic, practical or popular designs instead. To get a real sense of our beautiful designs, take our 3D Design Tour.


Colour schemes


When it comes to choosing colours for your new home, think carefully. Crazily bright or unusual colours should be avoided, or at the very least, treated with caution. It might sound boring, but classic neutral colours are the way to go.


Although it’s possible to change a colour scheme later on, the process can be expensive. Therefore it’s best to choose the colour of your bricks, paintwork, tiles and fittings wisely from the start. If you’re having trouble finding the right colours or combinations, don’t hesitate to ask for help.


House positioning


The positioning of a house is extremely important, as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Ideally, your new home should face to the north or north-east, ensuring that it gets maximum sunlight throughout the day. A “north facing” home is warmer and lighter in the colder months.


Wind is also a factor you need to consider. Strong recurring winds can make life uncomfortable and undermine your home’s structural integrity. Make sure your builder is aware of any strong wind patterns in the area. Alternatively, you could consider a house and land package, which takes care of the positioning issue for you.

Storage space

In the excitement of building a new home, it’s easy to underestimate your storage requirements. Let’s face it, you probably own more things than you realise. For starters, you’re going to need adequate storage in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and bedrooms – not to mention the garage. For some storage inspiration check out our storage Pinterest board.

The key to estimating storage requirements is to examine your current storage situation and then factor in any future plans. For example, if you’re planning to have a family, you’ll need to consider additional storage for the little ones.


Some final thoughts


Building your own home from scratch is achievable and affordable – not to mention exciting. In a lot of cases, it’s cheaper than buying or renovating an existing home. The added benefit of building your own home is that you start with a clean slate – meaning fewer design compromises. At G.J. Gardner Homes, we’ve been helping people to design and build homes since 1983. If you’re looking for house design ideas, feel free to contact us directly, or check out our Style Diary.

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