Knock Down Rebuilds Vs Renovations

Knock Down Rebuilds Vs Renovations

Knock Down Rebuilds Vs Renovations

Knock Down Rebuilds Vs Renovations

Knock Down Rebuilds Vs Renovations - The Pros and Cons for Each

If you love your neighbourhood but not the house you live in, you’ll face the knock down rebuild vs renovation dilemma. Undertake a major renovation to add to existing spaces? Or start from scratch and build your dream home in your favourite location?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but here we explore each approach to help you make a well-informed decision.

Before you start: Is a knock down even an option?

To find out whether a new build is even possible, you’ll need to consider:

●      Council planning regulations and whether your home faces demolition restrictions or major design limitations.

●      The size, scope and budget of your renovation. If you’re only looking at a new room or two, then a rebuild isn’t a legitimate comparison. But for a major renovation with a budget into the hundreds of thousands, a rebuild is a real option.

●      Current condition of your home. If you live in an older home, you’ll need to consider structural issues, orientation of the building, and problems such as rising damp or termites when deciding whether to renovate or rebuild.

Knock Down, Build Anew

The Housing Industry of Australia says about a third of all new detached houses are now knock down rebuilds. That’s because demolishing your existing home and building a new one has many advantages.

●      It’s your way, in every way. From the orientation of the house, to the layout, design and styling, the chance to create something that’s ‘totally you’ is highly appealing.

●      Maximised for modern living. It’s easy to incorporate modern must-haves, such as seamless indoor/outdoor living, energy efficiency, and technological connectivity.

●      Minimal maintenance. A new home is easier and cheaper to maintain than an older one.

●      Complete cost control. A new home can often be cheaper than a renovation, without those nasty surprises - like dodgy wiring that needs replacing, rotting timber or even termites. Plus you can be assured with our fixed pricing and no hidden extras promise.

Consider the cons: A rebuild may not be for you if you love the character of your existing house and you’re prepared to work with the quirks and challenges of an older home.

Ripe for Renovation

A renovation might be your answer if your home fits these criteria:

●      It’s a character home in a character street: If you fell in love with the style, story and history of your home, and there is market demand for its heritage, then a sympathetic renovation may be a better choice.

●      You’re starting with a strong structure: Is the overall condition of your home good? Is the orientation well placed? Then you have valuable equity that may make a renovation a prudent choice.

●      You want to to stage the project: Many families choose to renovate because they can do the project over a number of years, and therefore stagger the costs.

Consider the cons: Cost blow-out is the biggest downside to a renovation, especially with unexpected issues. That’s why it’s often difficult to get a fixed term contract. Making compromises is the other major downside, when you have to consider the existing structure and its limitations.

Finding a Knockdown Specialist

It’s important to find a specialist builder with proven project experience. G.J. Gardner Homes has years of knock down experience and we take care of everything, all with the complete confidence of a fixed term contract.

Get in touch today and see how we can build you your dream house in your dream neighbourhood!

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