First time builder - Steps not to be missed

First time builder - Steps not to be missed

First time builder - Steps not to be missed

First time builder - Steps not to be missed
Building your first home is a big investment, financially, in time and emotionally but your dream home doesn’t have to turn into a nightmare. Discover the crucial steps that will turn your first building experience into a memorable one. 
Choose the perfect location 
Start with the end in mind when choosing your perfect patch. Your selection may vary if you are building a long-term family home or are looking at selling a few years later. In both instances you need to find a location that suits you and your family however, due diligence may be necessary for the latter. 
When selecting your block of land, involve your builder early. Blocks of land come in several shapes and have unique features (e.g.: soil, steepness, utilities and orientation) that will affect the home design and cost of construction. Your builder will help you choose a block of land that suits both your needs and budget. 
But, remember to take your time and not to just gravitate towards the best deal, or the most available piece of land right now. It might pay to wait a while and see what changes in the market - after all, this is where you will be spending a considerable amount of time. Make it a paradise. 
Design your dream home 
Our latest “Building My Home” study states that 25.4% of owner-builders changed or upgraded their fixtures during the project and 22.8% altered the design midway from construction. To avoid dream home disaster, make sure to finalise all design and style requirements at the start of the project. 
During the design process, take into consideration your current lifestyle requirements and how they might change into the future. Make sure to balance aesthetic with functionality and practicality. Seek inspiration and advice from as many sources as possible to get a clear idea on what you want. Display homes are the biggest source of inspiration. Imagine yourself living in it as you walk through each room. Friends and family can have valuable advice too. Make sure to ask them what they would change or do differently if they could start again. 
Budget it right
Recent research indicates poor planning was a big issue leading to budget and time overruns. One easy way to overcome this problem is to select a builder that offers a fixed-price policy. This means the job will be thoroughly assessed and the quote will cover all costs involved to complete the home. Once approved the fixed price cannot be adjusted by the builder, unless you change your mind about something. Fixed price quoting is not standard practice for all builders though, and many people get caught out with lists of extras and options that make budgeting much more confusing. 
Another important element in your budget is the financing of your new project. Visit your bank or mortgage broker early to establish what loan would suits you best and calculate your ideal weekly repayment. This information will give you set boundaries to work within. 
Also, check your eligibility for the First Home Owners Grant. Introduced in July 2000, the scheme aimed to help buyers offset the goods and services tax (GST) associated with purchasing a new or established home. The exact amount you might receive can vary quite significantly depending on your location, and the specific rules and caveats change by jurisdiction.
Understand the building process
This part of the construction process is where everything comes together and the true experience and talent of your chosen builder comes to shine. Every builder is different but on average when you build with G.J. Gardner Homes the average timing is a minimum of 16 - 18 weeks. While timing is affected by the size, style and location of your new home, every build goes through similar stages of production: foundation, frame, roof, lock-up stage and fixtures. Once the painting is completed, your home is ready and the keys will finally be handed over to you. This can be a very emotional handover both for you and your builder!
At G.J. Gardner Homes we understand how overwhelming and stressful building your first home can be that’s why our builders will take you through this exciting journey and foster close communication so you know exactly what to expect every step of the way.
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