Building with GJs - Expect the unexpected


Building with GJs - Expect the unexpected

Building with GJs - Expect the unexpected

Building a new home for the first time can be a daunting experience and it’s hard to know what to expect. Friends and family are only too quick to regale you with horror stories of builder’s gone rogue, jobs not completed to spec, and projects running many months over schedule.


Elaine from the New England region of New South Wales said that after building two previous homes she thought she knew what to expect when they signed up to build their third home with G.J. Gardner.


However she’s happy to admit she couldn’t have been more wrong.


“Everything just ran like clockwork,” Elaine said, “Our experience building with G.J. Gardner was by far the best we’ve had. We were amazed at how smoothly everything went – we had no stress at all!”


Elaine said she was pleasantly surprised at how organised and accommodating all the G.J. Gardner people were, from the interior designer who went with her to pick colours, to the admin staff behind the front desk.


“Every week we’d get an email from the girls in the office letting us know where they were up to on the job. Every week without fail,” Elaine said, “We really appreciated being kept so well-informed; we didn’t have to worry about a thing.


“If they said the plumber would be there on a certain day, he would be there. If they said the painters would be there on a certain day, they’d be there. It was a wonderful experience.”


Since moving into her brand new home Elaine has been busy offering advice to others looking to build a new home.


“I’ve been telling everyone who’ll listen just how good G.J. are! It was a wonderful journey for us and we can’t thank them enough!

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