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Chris and Kate Thornton are the proud owner-operators of the G.J. Gardner Homes franchise servicing Glen Innes. Chris and Kate, your go-to builders Glen Innes, are based only an hour south of Glen Innes at Armidale. Chris, Kate and the hardworking team at G.J. Gardner Homes in Armidale are passionate when it comes to building quality homes in and around Glen Innes. Whether you’re looking for a house and land package, an off-the-plan design (150+ options) or a custom home, Chris and the team will ensure that your building project stays on track. Chris can also advise on knockdown-rebuilds, local building regulations and new investment properties.

Established in 1838, Glen Innes is a picturesque town situated 95-kilometres north of Armidale. The town was given its Scottish-sounding name by either Major Archibald Clunes Innes or Archibald Mosman (in honour of Major Innes). Glen Innes is primarily an agricultural and mining town, producing wool, lamb, beef and blue sapphires. Residents enjoy access to a library, a cinema (Chapel Cinema), a swimming pool (Glen Innes Swimming Pool), an 18-hole golf course (Glen Innes Golf Club) and a public hospital. In terms of attractions, Glen Innes is famous for its annual Australian Celtic Festival held in May. Given the town’s unique charms, it’s little wonder that more people are searching for builders Glen Innes.


Glen Innes is accessible via the New England Highway and the Gwydir Highway. NSW Trainlink operates a bus service between Armidale and Glen Innes.


Glen Innes is home to Woolworths, Coles, Mitre10 and The Reject Shop, not to mention numerous specialty retailers.


There are four schools in Glen Innes: Glen Innes Public School, St Joseph’s Primary School, Glen Innes West Infants School (K-2) and Glen Innes High School.

Interesting Facts about Glen Innes

The population of Glen Innes is 6,155 (2016 Census).

According to real estate agents and builders Glen Innes, the median house price for Glen Innes is approximately $208,000 (August 2018).

The White Rock Wind & Solar Farm, located 20-kilometres west of Glen Innes, commenced operation in 2018.

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Seeking to build a new home in Narrabri? Tired of scanning the Web for suitable builders Narrabri? If you’re a discerning buyer looking for quality, value and choice, G.J. Gardner Homes is the building company you need to speak with. G.J. Gardner Homes is recognised as Australia’s number 1 rated national home builder, as voted by you!

The G.J. Gardner Homes franchise servicing Narrabri is owned and operated by Chris and Kate Thornton. Chris and Kate, based in Armidale, have been providing building services to the Narrabri area for over 10 years. Chris is a licensed builder with a passion for quality workmanship and innovative design. Chris, Kate and the G.J. Gardner Homes team specialise in off-the-plan homes (150+ designs available), house and land packages, knockdown-rebuilds and custom homes. Chris and the team can also advise on flood mitigation strategies, rezoning applications and Council building regulations, making them your go-to builders Narrabri.

Narrabri, located 521-kilometres northwest of Sydney, is a major agricultural town on the North West Slopes of NSW. Narrabri’s economy is based on cotton, wheat, beef and lamb. In terms of district attractions, Narrabri is famous for the Australia Telescope Compact Array (Paul Wild Observatory), Mount Kaputar National Park, Lake Yarrie and the Pilliga Forests. The residents of Narrabri enjoy access to a library, a public swimming pool (Narrabri Aquatic Centre), a cinema (The Crossing Theatre), an 18-hole golf course (Narrabri Golf Club) and a public hospital. When it comes to builders Narrabri, it pays to use a builder (such as G.J. Gardner Homes) that understands the unique geography of the area.


Narrabri is accessible via the Newell Highway and the Kamilaroi Highway. Return flights to Brisbane and Sydney (via Fly Corporate) are available from Narrabri Airport. The Northern Tablelands Xplorer train service (Sydney to Moree) stops at Narrabri railway station.


Major retailers in Narrabri include Coles, Woolworths, Target, Mitre10 and Thrifty-Link Hardware. The Narrabri Farm Centre, a specialist retailer of rural supplies, is a popular shopping spot in Narrabri.


Narrabri is home to four schools: Narrabri Public School, St Francis Xavier’s Primary School, Narrabri West Public School and Narrabri High School.

Interesting Facts about Narrabri

The town of Narrabri has a population of 5,903, which is part of Narrabri Shire’s overall population of 13,084 (2016 census figure).

Based on information from real estate sources and builders Narrabri, the median house price for Narrabri is around $305,000 (August 2018).

When it comes to quality builders Narrabri, G.J. Gardner Homes offers a complete professional service. G.J. Gardner Homes also builds quality homes in the following towns and locations:

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