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Cost to Build, Planning your build

How Much Should it Cost to Customise a Standard Plan?

If you’ve been browsing home designs online or visiting display homes, you will probably find yourself liking a bit of…

Cost to Build, Planning your build

Things To Know About Builder Promotions And Offers

If you’re doing research on building a new home, you’ll know that many builders offer promotions and giveaways. You may…

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Planning your build

Multigenerational Home Designs

Multigenerational households are a growing trend in Australia, and it’s changing the way we live and our requirements for home…

Planning your build

Solar Panels: Should I Add Them to My Home?

What if you could power your home with 100% clean energy? Or stop paying expensive power bills once and for…

Money & Finance, Planning your build

Australian Construction Material Supply Causing Delays for Home Builders

As global construction booms, there has been a considerable amount of discussion recently regarding the rising cost of construction materials…

Planning your build

Single Storey vs Double Storey Houses.

Should you build a single or double-storey home?   At the beginning of any new homebuyers’ journey, the decision on whether…
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