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What the Internet of Things can do for your new home

Date Wednesday, 9 September 2015 5:31 PM

Want to create a more sustainable, energy-efficient house? Looking to manage your hectic lifestyle? The Internet of Things might be able to help.

From initial floor plans to the finishing touches with carefully selected paint palettes, designing your own home gives you the unrivalled opportunity to exercise total control over your future living space. These days, leveraging the right technology not only empowers you to add convenience and capability to your lifestyle, it also transforms a house into a home that's uniquely you. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) seems poised to be a hallmark of tech-savvy home owners throughout Australia. According to a study by Telsyte, a tech firm, the Australian market for home-use IoT devices will reach $3.2 billion by 2019, nearly an eleven-fold increase over the next four years. 

Just how 'normal' will it be for houses to have these gadgets? Telsyte predicted that the average household will have 24 IoT devices by 2019. Already, the average is 15. 

What is the IoT?  

Let's back up for one minute, though. What exactly is the IoT and why should you think about it while building your new home? 

Smart watches are just one type of IoT device, connecting your timepiece to the internet.Smart watches are just one type of IoT device, connecting your timepiece to the internet.

Basically, the IoT simply refers to products that previously had nothing to do with the internet and are now connected thanks to advanced sensors and communication chips. They can send data to each other, your smartphone, to the web or elsewhere. 

Think Fitbits, cars that receive traffic information, smart watches and Google Glass. There's a whole range of objects that are no longer just standalone devices. Now, they talk (so to speak). 

What are some great IoT options for my home? 

The IoT has implications for enterprises, retail, the air transport industry and more. But we're here to talk about some options that could take your new home to the next level. 

Here are 10 IoT options to keep in mind as you build your home

  1. Energy solutions, including sensors and light bulbs, that help you conserve energy and cut your utility bills.
  2. Connected outlets allow you to track energy usage and turn appliances on and off from your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Smart thermostats, such as Nest, which even let you change the heat settings on your smartphone - from anywhere. 
  4. Smart locks, enabling you to double check that you secured your house without making that panic trip home. 
  5. Smart hubs, which connect a number of your devices and often come with products such as the Apple TV. 
  6. Connected smoke detectors, which test themselves automatically and can be silenced from your phone. 
  7. Smart shopping devices, such as Amazon's Dash Button, which lets you order a product by pushing a button so you can take care of it as soon as you notice something's low. 
  8. Cooking devices with sensors, such as Cinder, tell you when your food is done. 
  9. Home monitoring solutions, which can send notification and live video to your devices. 
  10. Smart kitchen appliances, such as coffee makers with apps that let you start the brew from your bed - or the office - so your cuppa's ready when you are. 
Consider protecting your new home with smart security devices.Consider protecting your new home with smart security devices.

These are just a few of the options that are out there, and more are sure to develop and advance over the coming years. Whether you want to create a more sustainable, energy-efficient house or are looking to manage your hectic lifestyle, the IoT is one way you can use your home to your advantage.

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