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The great debate: Bath or shower?

Date Wednesday, 12 October 2016 2:17 PM

Which of these beasts is right for your bathroom?

There is an argument that has been raging for decades in Australia: Is it better to have a bath or a shower? For years, it appeared that there was a deadlock between the bubbled bathers and the simmering showerers, with neither side willing to give way in the great hygiene debate.

However, it appears there is something of a paradigm shift underway. One study from Houzz discovered that more than 40 per cent of the nation's home builders are choosing not to have a bathtub in their master bedroom, instead opting for the less-luxurious and more time-sensitive stand-up shower. But are they right to do so? Is there finally a conclusion to the great war of bath and shower?

Let's take a quick looks at the pros and cons of these ever-battling hygiene titans.

Bathing in luxury

There's something truly decadent about a bath. Lying back and letting the water wash all your worries away; when was the last time you had an "efficient" bath, after all? There's a reason it is often considered an integral part of designing your home in Australia.

It isn't just the direct experience of bathing either. As Houzz Australia contributor Louise O'Bryan points out, a bath is about far more than just spending time soaking. It acts as a statement piece, a potential clincher in a home sale for families with children and even acts as a post-workout ache and pain remover. What's not to like?

Showered with praise

However, there is a serious contender in the form of a shower. As discussed, people seem to be shying away from the tub these days and heading deeper into the shower alcove. {sounds nasty} The modern shower is no longer only a tiled section of the room with a curtain and a nozzle; it's a high tech piece of kit whose sole directive is to eliminate grime and dirt from its user.

It's efficient, it's effective, and used the right way it can cut down on your utility bills. Waterwise in the UK highlights how most showers (with the exception of power showers) will use significantly less water than most baths. In fact, they found that the average bath uses about 80 litres of water, while an eight-minute shower uses 62 litres of water: a significant difference, and a significant saving over the long term.

So what's the ultimate conclusion to this years-long argument? Relaxation or efficiency? Saving water or stress-elimination? Bath or shower? As with all such subjective debates, it's really up to you and where your priorities lie.

Whether you're a bather or a shower-lover, you can get the right bathroom design for you from the people at G.J. Gardner Homes. Get in touch today.

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