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The G.J. Gardner Homes community - local expertise in Onkaparinga

Date Monday, 31 October 2016 9:14 AM

What could you build in Onkaparinga?

Onkaparinga in South Australia is a rapidly growing place. New homes with new designs are springing up everywhere - so what better place is there to open a fresh G.J. Gardner Homes franchise? Jamie Lees and business partner Mark Lees (a father and son team) have taken the opportunity to join the G.J. Gardner Homes family, bringing decades of building experience with them.

Jamie took the time out of a busy office move to talk with us about what's in store for Onkaparinga now that there is a local expert homebuilder nearby - and how it's going to be nothing but a benefit to the community.

What's in store for Onkaparinga?What's in store for Onkaparinga?

Expert, local knowledge

"It's going to help the local community by giving them another option for a quality home builder."

Jamie comes from a background with a heavy focus on renovations. Changing rundown properties into blue-chip homes was their stock-and-trade before joining G.J. Gardner Homes, and Jamie explains that the attention to detail that is part-and-parcel of renovation work is a serious boon for any homebuilder and their client.

However, that could be said for anywhere in Australia; who doesn't need expert hands, after all? The reality is that Onkaparinga has needed a local homebuilder for a while, particularly with the recent housing boom.

"What they've got right now, in Adelaide, is a lot of mainstream builders who have their offices located directly in the city. A lot of people don't like to drive down to the city, from this part of Adelaide. A lot of people I think prefer to go to a local builder," explains Jamie.

"It's going to help the local community by giving them another option for a quality home builder."

A home builder who knows their local area is always going to be a benefit; Jamie uses the example of soil profiles in Onkaparinga. If you have a nearby builder who knows the land intimately, you'll be able to get a better estimate of the actual costs of building.

A charitable effort

It isn't just local homeowners and builders that feel the benefit of Jamie and Mark's efforts. While some businesses choose to support a single particular charity, G.J. Gardner Homes Onkaparinga support two: The Make-A-Wish Foundation, which helps terminally-ill children fulfil their dreams, as well as a lost dog's home, which looks after stray pooches and tries to find them a new, loving family.

"Since having a child of my own, who's now two years old, it sort of changes you a little bit ... in terms of the way you think. It's obviously sad to hear some of the stories you hear about some of these kids who are not only sick, but fairly disadvantaged life as well. It's something that I feel that I should be helping out," Jamie explains about Make-A-Wish.

"I love animals [too], I have dogs of my own. If the same situation ever happened where my dog ran out of the back yard, I'd probably want someone to be able to bring him in. I think it's a charity that's well worth donating to," he continues.

Expert knowledge, local expertise and a charitable mindset; it's all part of the package with Jamie and Mark Lees at G.J. Gardner Homes in Onkaparinga. Get in touch with them today!

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