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Style ideas straight out of Rio

Date Sunday, 14 August 2016 6:13 AM

How can you bring a touch of Rio to your own home design?

The Rio 2016 Olympics have started with a splash, and the Australian athletes are competing their hearts out. What's even better is that this sporting event goes for most of August, and in that time, you might be inspired to redecorate your home in the host nation's style.

Interior design principles from Brazil include fantastic pieces of furniture, open spaces and, of course, colour. In your new home design from G.J. Gardner Homes, you're probably wanting to add your own personal touches, or if you've had the same decor for a while, now is a great time to switch it up. Take inspiration from the athletes over in South America and bring a bit of Rio flair to your own home!

Bringing home the gold (and green)

Brazil is a colourful country, in more ways than one, and it's no surprise that so many interior designs there feature bursts of colour.

A Rio Times article from September 2015 showcases a number of displays that were at the Casa Cor, an annual event where designers bring their best ideas to market. Among the 42 displays, colour was everywhere. That, and a huge amount of natural accessories made out of materials like wood, bamboo and flowers. Don't be afraid to mix the colours up, and use art on the walls to draw attention to features in your home.

Even laying down a gorgeous rug with an out-there pattern can bring a room to life, but don't be afraid of bold colours. Aboriginal art is a fantastic way to add colour, while also supporting local artists.

Wacky furniture is the best way to go

Houzz Australia outlines a number of Brazilian furniture designers in an August 2016 article, and there's one thing that connects each piece: it's interesting to look at!

Some of the chairs featured don't look all that comfortable, but if you have one feature chair in a room with a luxurious lounge suite, it's unlikely to be used anyway. It can purely be a piece of art, adding a point of interest to a room.

Weird angles, materials and colours are all a part of furniture design in Rio, and bringing that into your own home doesn't have to be a challenge. Be brave and make choices you're comfortable with. Make sure you're adding colour as well!

You'll have a Brazilian home in no time by adding some quirky furniture and splashes of colour, and your home design from G.J. Gardner Homes will look even more amazing.

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