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How to make your garden as gorgeous as your home

Date Wednesday, 8 June 2016 8:21 AM

How can you make your garden match your home design?

Australians love their gardens, and when you've got a home design as gorgeous as the ones on offer at G.J. Gardner Homes, you'll want to make the outdoor space match the fabulous exterior of your home, while maintaining it.

With that in mind, the tips below will help you to not only create a garden wonderland, but also keep it looking fresh all year round:

Don't be afraid to get off the ground

Why not consider a vertical garden?

Many people look at a garden as something connected directly to the ground and growing upward. However, to truly bring a unique feature into your outdoor entertaining space, why not consider a vertical garden?

Houzz recommends a vertical garden that is able to be viewed from inside, as this encourages indoor/outdoor flow and helps to draw people outside into your most tranquil space. It's also a great use of land, as it will take up only as much room as your wall does, without cutting into your open space. That's great news, and means you can have a stunning garden while maintaining the size for your kids to run around in!

Keep your grass looking healthy

Something that many people struggle to keep on top of is the grass areas outside a home. This doesn't have to be the case, however, as IBISWorld reports gardening services in Australia generates a whopping $3 billion in revenue every year, so clearly outsourcing the gardening work is a popular option.

Keeping it in-house doesn't have to be an arduous task, however. The Lawn Guide Australia recommends keeping on top of leaves falling on the grass at all times, as your lawn requires sunlight to grow through photosynthesis and when leaves are covering it, none of the nutrients can get through! A simple weekly rake, or even just after a heavy storm, can make all the difference to the health and continued growth of your grassed areas.

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If you have a larger outdoor space, using a leaf vacuum is going to make everything faster, and Gardening Australia recommends a petrol version for more power and manoeuvrability, or an electric one to save on noise and carbon emissions.

You'll also have to mow the lawns, and making sure they're not too long, while not completely pruning them to the point of baldness, is of the utmost importance.

There's a lot to consider when it comes to maintaining your garden spaces, but it's worth it when it ends up looking as spectacular as your G.J. Gardner Homes design does.

Get in touch with the team at G.J. Gardner Homes to discuss not only building a new home, but also choosing the best garden space for your needs.

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