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How to display pictures in your home without damaging your walls

Date Tuesday, 13 October 2015 5:09 PM

How can you hang artwork in your new home without damaging the walls?

After painstakingly deliberating over home design choices, selecting building materials that strike the balance between function and form, and deciding on the optimal colour scheme, the final form of your new house is a work of art in its own right.  

However, that's certainly not to say that you can't add to the effect. Hanging paintings, illustrations, photographs and other imagery can subtly complement a room's overall aesthetic or create a visually striking focal point. But how can you hang these pieces securely?  

Hanging artwork in your home can create a visually striking focal point.

Given that you've spent a lot of time and money building your new home, you probably won't want to go around putting holes in your new walls. This is particularly true if you haven't done much interior decorating in the past, as it's likely that you'll change your mind quite a few times before settling on the right positioning.  

So, how can you hang pictures in your new home without damaging the walls?  

1. Nail-free hooks  

Perhaps the most obvious solution is to shop around for nail-free hanging solutions. Typically comprised of an adhesive back with a heavy duty hook on the front, they're capable of securely affixing lightweight artworks to most surfaces. The biggest advantage of these products is that, if handled gently, they can be smoothly removed from the wall without damaging the paint, leaving the interior of your house in display home condition.

You can see the process in action in this YouTube video from 3M.  

Remember to look closely at the maximum weight the hook can support, and stay well within this margin to be on the safe side. Some manufacturers' hooks can be more easily removed than others, so it's probably a good idea to stick to more well-known brands.  

2. Prop your art up against other objects  

Nail-free hooks are an excellent option if you're trying to preserve the condition of your walls, but no adhesive-based hook is capable of supporting the weighty, sturdy frames that many art enthusiasts lean towards.  

So, how do you get around this issue? Numerous designers and magazines suggest a simple solution: Prop your artwork up against a wall. This ultra-casual style can create a real sense of chic design, although it's admittedly not for everyone - particularly if you have little ones crawling around.  

Also visit your local hardware stores for a range of hanging options that won't damage your walls.

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